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The new guy.

Hey. I'm new so i just thought i would introduce myself.
my name is billy and i've been blind in my right eye since birth (optic nerve hypoplasia). Here recently i just took a job and they told me i could not drive the company vehicles becouse i might be a liability. It kinda hit me hard becouse i've never been restricted becouse of my vision before. I really never liked talking about my eye but now it seems like that's only thing on my mind. I'm pretty self concious about it and have trouble making eye contact with people becouse i think that they are starring at my eye but, most of the time that's not the case. I've lived with it all my life and am glad to see that there is a site that you can just kinda let go and talk to other people about the same problems that i face. If anyone just needs a friend or just wants to talk my email is

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Re: The blind new guy.

Everyone is new at something. Even the man who recently died at age 122 was new at something.

Re:The new guy.

What do you mean by posters.
The site is at
There are a lot more of these chat rooms, just search for blind chat or something like that in your browser. Some are hard to find and of course, you will run in to crude people, but most are very nice.

Re:The new guy.

AFB would like to clarify a misconception about the previous posts. AFB did not edit the post by tlavelle regarding the web site the poster listed. The message appears as it was put up originally, nothing has been changed in it. We encourage the original poster, tlavelle, to repost the web site address they were indicating in the original message, which did not come through. AFB encourages open discussion on all its message boards and welcomes posters to list any web sites they feel would be helpful to other message board participants.

Re:The new guy.


I really do not understand why the AFB bothers to create a forumn of any kind, but then keeps the people's answers from others. I feel REALLY hacked off about this.

Re:The new guy.

It is nice to have a site where you can just chat about blindness. I wish there were more chat rooms where people could go and talk, However I suppose there isnt enough demand for it.
I have been blind in my right eye for about 5 yeats now and I have pretty much have lost my left. I can only see when it is very bright and I see in black n white and not to clearly then either..
Its the accepting part thats the hardest I think. Sometimes the comments from unfeeling sighted people hurt and make me mad. But then I think about the fact they dont understand and I hope they never have to. I would never wish this on anyone but then again maybe then again they would understand more if they had just a taste of bumping into walls and the missing edges of tables and spilling things and all the other stuff we go through.
I use to come here alot however the rrespomce of people isnt great on here.
There is a chat room for the blind and it can be gotten to by going to the web site --------------------for the people

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