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things i can do with my blind mother?

Hey guys i hope you can help. I used to be really close with my mom but, it seems the older she get and the more blind she becomes there is less we do together. We still watch tv and I discribe stuff to her but I want to play games and get out do there and do stuff. What have you guys done?

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Re:things i can do with my blind mother?

I had a couple of thoughts here. I wonder if your mom has a time where she has some time for herself. Does she take classes at a place for the blind? Where she can develope her own interests? Sometimes moms and daughters do have seperate lives. Their interests are different. Mom does her own thing with friends or hubby.
Daughter has her own friends and hubby and family.
When mom and daughter get together they go out to lunch or visit at home over tea. Catch up on their respective lives, gossip, talk about world issues, hairdos, clothes, make up, ect. (blind women do talk about clothes and make up too.)
Here's an idea if you can afford it. Go get your nails done together. Go shopping if you can. I always go clothes, and shoe shopping with my blind girlfriends.
Bake together.
Walk to a park or beach (where available) Some nice public garden where one can stroll and smell the flowers. Go to a country fair and ride the carousel and have a blast. My blind friends and I loved to go to amusement parks and county fair.
Hanging out at home and listening to music and reading books is nice too.
Let her know that her opinions count. She is still your mom and she can still give motherly advice.
She's still your mom, only now she has to do things differently.

Re:things i can do with my blind mother?

Yes-the Art thing is actually a very good idea. Sometimes they have pottery classes that you can take together or a jewlery class would be good as well. I met my best friend because she was going through vision loss like me and we both did those things as a kid. I watch TV which is fine-also if you live in a warm place simple things like taking a walk are nice becasue it is always nice to get out. Also- try going to an outdoor outlet mall or something.
As for the books thing someone mentioned-try allowing her to subscribe to an audiobook service (if it is too late for braille). You two can read a book and talk about it like a little book club or something.
Good luck :)

Re:things i can do with my blind mother?

If she likes music, sharing headphones and listening together; searching for music from a music store and loading i-pod with her choices. reading a book for her. How about an art work using materials with texture? What interests her?

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