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Thread to post penpal info/ e-mail lists/ chatlines

Hi everyone,
I've been on this site a lot tonight just looking around. I've noticed there are so many people reaching out wanting to be friends with other blind people, or sighted people wanting to get to know blind people. There are so many e-mail addresses floating around I feel like we need to organize them. I'm starting this thread as a place where we can post contact info should we want to be e-mail penpals, chat phone lines, and e-mail lists we're on that are helpful.
For example, the blind penpals list is something I think could apeal to a lot of you. I just joined it and it's a place where anyone blind or sighted can go to connect and often people just write others off list.
The address to subscribe is:
If you go on the yahoo groups site and type "blind" in the search box you'll find a lot of lists. Some of them aren't very active, but you could try signing up anyway. blind-friends, blind-family, blindwomen's group, and one that's just called blind are the most active.
My e-mail for anyone who wants to talk is
Also I believe the Matilda zeegler magazine has a pen pal service you can sign up on their website.
So hopefully with this thread we can all find each other's info a little easier.

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Re: Thread to post penpal info/ e-mail lists/ chatlines

Hi, my name is Liz. I'm a 20 year old sighted college student living on my own in North Carolina. My major is in art and I am very passionate about traveling. I plan to travel the world for the majority of 2014 and into the following year. I would love to meet some new friends, both online and in person, to expand my circle of friends and maybe even find someone to have a relationship with.

Re: Thread to post penpal info/ e-mail lists/ chatlines

Hi everyone,
I'll add my voice to the chatter! My name is Michelle, and I am a 20-year-old blind student from New York. You may have seen me posting here and there as AFB's new intern, but I am also a rising college junior and an aspiring journalist. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you want to chat! My email address is
- Michelle, AFB intern

Re: Thread to post penpal info/ e-mail lists/ chatlines
just looking to make friends and share some experiences with some of the curious about blind, younger blind folks, or those who are recently blind.
I've experienced a good bit of success in my life as a student, a division 1 college athlete, and in my worklife.
I'm in a good relationship, and would like to help others get away from some of the limitin attitudes I've seen on this and similar sites.
Also, to encourage those who aren't adhering to the stereotypes of how we as blind individuals are expected to perpetuate.

Re: Thread to post penpal info/ e-mail lists/ chatlines

Hello all,
My name is Abby and I'm 19. If anyone would like to get into contact with me my e-mail is

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