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I have a brother visually impaired who is out of work. He cant drive, bus system runs once a day,when he did work, he walked at least 20mi round trip to work and home. Hospital he worked folded up, unemployment comp is over and they dont care if he has transportation or has to walk, most places he is offered 4-11am. Where do I get info on org who can prov trans?

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Re: transportation

At the time, I was legally blind... had been riding mopeds but laws changed and I had to stop. Electric bikes can go upto 20 mph (federal law)... I had a few of those, but they had limited range, 5 miles and needed to charge... I needed a long range solution, so I came up with this...


Re: transportation

In my area I use RTC of Southern Nevada ParaTransit which is 85 dollars a month for unlimited rides in the metro las Vegas Nevada area. RTC is all over and you can find out more by calling 702-228-4800.

Finding local transport resources


Go to and type in your subject as, "transportation." Then type in your city, and state of interest. There is no need to fill in the other fields. It will then give you a list of all types of transportation, private and governmental--such as bus systems and cab companies and disabled transport and share-a-ride programs, etc. Try it. Yahoo's Yellow Pages, at is great!

Also, for other ideas and support/help, the National Federation of the Blind has a service, free, called "Jobline." Go to to find out more, and have your brother, or you yourself, join some relevant blind/job/career lists at

Good luck and God bless you and your family.

Everett Gavel

And they say people are not to discriminate...

I understand completely. This was the one and only major dificulty I ran into when seeking employment. That is why I hired myself over 4 years ago. But I can say you need to talk to the employer and see how coopertive they may be. Ride sharing has was suggested and this too is great for some. Sometimes you just need to get creative. If it is a Hospital he works at he can call in for a injury each day for a ride in an Aid car. Just kidding but you understand what I mean think over all options and see what might be overlooked. I never thought of the teenager thing that is Wonderful! So think who? when? and where? then see what might be avalable. A salution is there.
have a Fabulous Day!!!
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I empathize with your brother. My husband lost his sight 2 years ago and transportation is the single biggest challenge in our lives to maintain independence. We live in a rural area where we do not even have taxi's except between 10--5 during the day. We have a family member that picks up my husband on his way into work and takes him home as well.(we are so grateful) We pay for the gas as some compensation.Also you can try "ride sharing" with a co worker and pay the fuel costs in return. Don't forget about teenagers--they jump at the chance to drive especially if it means extra gas money! :)

Finding Transportation


Knowing which state/city you live in would certainly help answer you better. You may want to take a look in the AFB Directory of Services ( for a variety of organizations in your state that may be able to help you.


Your brother's plight reminds me yet again of an all-too-obvious problem that persists in this country: lack of decent, accessible transportation for peole with disabilities that will allow them to get anywhere, at any time of day, without logistical headaches. In the meantime, most areas do offer paratransit (door-to-door or dial-a-ride) services. You don't mention where you live but I would advise you to contact your state's rehabilitation commission or state agency for the blind if you have one so that you can get the information you need. Good luck!

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