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Traveling in daily life when blind- best technologies

Hello all, my uncle has been blind for several years now, and he is growing frustrated with the limitations of his walking stick. Are there any technologies out there that help with mobility and navigation, beyond the walking stick?

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Re: Traveling in daily life when blind- best technologies

The major problem faced while using a cane is sensing beyond the range of the cane.Considering the daily challenges faced by a visually impaired person adaptive equipment are becoming necessary for their mobility.

Considering the traditional cane it can only probe for static objects.The heavy cane also makes it difficult to carry it around while traveling. The technology that has improvised and covered all these shortcomings is Live Braille Mini.

Mini with its accurate haptic feedback eliminates the risk of falling/hitting while moving. As an ultralight wearable device it is restoring confidence to step in unknown surroundings.

Approximately 285 million people worldwide are struggling with blindness and low vision. Live Braille MINI is the much-awaited assistive technology which will provide a better and enriched life to these people.

Re: Traveling in daily life when blind- best technologies

I've a suggestion to cure blindness
It's use cameras installed in eyeglasses then the frequency
in delivered to the nerves at the side of the eyes by pulse detectors, this procedure is similar to that used in ear hearing aid (electronic).

Re: Traveling in daily life when blind- best technologies

There hasn't been any technology that has replaced the mobility cane yet because they haven't been able to do the same job to the same degree. What frustrations are you referring to for the cane? Perhaps he needs a refresher for O&M?

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