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unexplained blindness

over the years been lossing sight and recently have filed for disability unable to work the finding from there doc was undetermanded and was told needed to see a nero optomologist! i am blind and can only see wethere daylight or dark in right and left is leaving me too. Was told no cure and could not be corrected! ive looked over the list of Diseases and had hoped to find some answers but couldnt! How can i start learning brail now for when i lose it completely?

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Re: unexplained blindness

I am not sure exactly how your blindness began but you may want to research NAION. It is disease Neuro-Opthamologists are familiar with. It is basically a stroke in your eye affecting the optic nerves. Frank Bruni just wrote about it in the NYTimes. It was the best description of the disease I have seen in 12 years. My husband had it happen in his right eye in 2006 and just recently in his left eye, leaving him legally blind at 53 years old. Here is the link

Re: unexplained blindness

It must be frustrating to not having answerig about why you are losing your vision. It sounds like you are on the right track with learning Braille. I would really recommend you considering getting some good training with a skilled Orientation and Mobility Specialist.
Usually a nero optomologist will look at how the brain and eye are impacting each other.
Best of luck! Hope you get some help soon.

Re: unexplained blindness

hi; sorry to hear about your situation.
Most states have a bureau or division for the visually impaired.
they should be able to assign a case worker to you who can hook you up with instructers for learning braille, using assistive devices, orientation/mobility, and teaching daily living skills.
best of luck.

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