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"unsuccessful" lazy eye surgery

Hi all,

Like so many of us, I have one blind, lazy eye. The result of Glaucoma, cataract at birth, so on and so forth.
I am 30 now and considering another. I have had two surgeries in my younger years; one in elementary school and another around 8th grade. The first resulted in an over-correction, the second in an under-correction.
I've read many stories of "unsuccessful" surgeries. I want to know what that meant for you all. Additionally, I did not try the loose suture technique so I am curious about that (as far as success goes).
As always, I appreciate any feed back you can share.

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Re: "unsuccessful" lazy eye surgery

Hi,I Titan. I am currently 14 and my right eye is lazy, my other is perfect but not my right one. I am curious, What does overcorrection do?
I am wondering if it is to late to seek help for my right eye as my dream job is to become a correctional officer. Can someone as old as 14 still use the patch? Or medication?

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