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Unusual Eye Condition

I have a strange case -- I've been wearing glasses since the age of 7, but at the age of 16 they started to hurt while wearing them. After going to a doctor, i was told that i had the muscular problem of my eyes not converting correctly and given therapeutic exercisses to do. The exercises didn't work and another doctor as well told me that I had the right prescription, so I just resorted to stop wearing them except for when I truly needed to such as going grocery shopping or being on the computer. As I neared the age of 20, my eyes began hurting more and more. I receieved a 32 hour a week internship which involved mostly database entry and wearing the glasses most of the time involved such enormous pain that I spent most of my non-workiing hours with my eyes closed. The pain killers it took to allow me to do even this evenutally made me sick (because 5 ibuprofen tablets a day will do that to you.) Ironically, I didn't become ill from all the pain killers until the last day of my internship, which had lasted 16 weeks. After that, i went to another doctor who told me as well that I had muscular problems. this time, I really did the exercises in earnest and nothing happened. Then, about a month and a half later, I went to a top notch muscle specialist who is famous in her field and was told that I had nothing wrong with my eye muscles and that the problem was that my eyeglasses correction was too strong for distance as well as for close up and I was given bifocals. These bifocals have helped me somewhat, especially with close up work. instead of keeping my eyes shut almost all of the day, I now have them open, on a good day about 4 or 5 hours, which is most days. The pain has lessened to allow me to do this, but it has not gone away and this really is no way to live. I had to give up my dream of studying in a foriegn country this semester and currently sit around the house doing very little. My internship ended about 2 months ago. While I will be scheduling an MRI scan tommorrow, since today is the weekend, I am beginning to lose much hope of getting betterand am wondering if I should just start getting training to better acustom to not having sight for most of the time. I am of two minds about this: I feel that as a person who is not blind that this would be an insult to people that are truly blind, on the other hand, being at home all the time is not good for me either.
I just want to ask peoples advice on this latter topic and if they have any insight into my condition. I've seen 3 well-known New York doctors for my condition and they haven't been able to find anything wrong, but you never know.
please respond about this,

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Re:Unusual Eye Condition

looking for people with RP and would like to correspond

Re:Unusual Eye Condition

I too have an unusual eye condition and it has not been diagnosed. It seems to occur in 10 year cycles, a good cycle and then a bad cycle - I'm currently in a bad cycle. I'm slowly losing acuity in one eye while the other eye is becoming more distorted. Using both eyes produces a lot of fatigue, strain and pain.

I am using a white cane right now and learning to live non-visually. It is very confusing and odd to learn to not use the vision you have. But the quality of your life is important. I have not encountered any judgment from any people in the visually impaired/blind community or the rehabilitation community. They have been most welcoming, supportive and inspiring. We are all different, unique people with our own unique way of living our lives. Vision is also a complicated process, and all is not known.

Explore the resources available and please get the help you need and want. You are the best expert you have. Many blessings.

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