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Using a cane

I have recently gotten a cene. I have low vision. I would like to know is there a certain way it must be used?

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Re: Using a cane

I am also new to using a cane and am now realizing just how much I am self concious about it at work. I really feel like I shouldn't be so scared of using it at work I don't have problems using my cane like at the mall or Rennissance festival or even mey own neighborhood but work is different.

Most people I have come in contact with and been told say that using my cane in my most familiar places is optional but its all about confidence and knowing where you are. I don't use my cane upstairs but when i travel down the stairs i use it because of my depth perceptions now this is only coming from someone how has been using a cane for little less than a week.

Re: Using a cane

This is not meant to be an expert opinion or anything, just my personal opinion -- but, I have been an O & M intructor, and I use a cane.

I do not use my cane in my house, unless things have been moved around or something -- even then, I rarely use my cane inside my own house. I use it all the time outside of it, when traveling, and in other buildings.

I am not saying that this advised for all travelers depending on the individual's skills. I feel that I should be able to travel safely in my own home, and any person I live with should understand that. Small children might not totally grasp that, but an adult should understand that.

What types of thngs is this person leaving around?

My perception is that this may be more of a relationship problem. Why does the person feel that they can tell you to use your cane all of the time.

I wish I could help more, but I think you all need to sit down and talk about this. If it doesn't work out, you all may want to think about finding another solution.

I am sorry I can't be more of a help.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

appropriate use of a cane...

ok, I seem to be having a difference of opinion regarding use of a white cane. my room mate insists that I must use it while inside the house. yet, everything I have read and everything I have been taught states otherwise. The crux of the problem is that said room mate refuses to compromise and make the house safer for me. I have stated this position until I am blue in the face. I am also afraid that I may take a fall one of these days simply because he can't be bothered to clean up after himself. anyone have any suggestions?

Re:Using a cane

I also have low vision and use a white cane but, like the person before me stated, I believe it is truly essential to work with an Orientation & Mobility instructor to learn the proper techniques as these people have special training in the white cane and the different circumstances in which you will use it. There are specific techniques for going up and down stairs, dealing with curbs and crossing streets. I found the street crossing lessons the most helpful and since I have learned how to use the cane, I am so much more independent and I am truly enjoying my life much more, now that I don't have to depend so much on others. Good luck!

Re:Using a cane

Thank you.

Re:Using a cane

You shyould have a vision rehabilitation couselor show you how to use your new cane. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you never think of until it's pointed out to you. Contact low vision centers in your area or your State deoartment of Rehabiliation, Cane training is usuallr free and someone will come to your house to train you for a certain number of hours.

Hope that helps!

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