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Viewing Television

Help - Dad can watch a bit of television with binoculars. The problem is that he has to view it from the kitchen due to the focal length of the binoculars. Anyone know of any binocular model with a short focal length so that he can sit in his chair? Any other devices that might work?

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Re:Viewing Television

do a google search for, " glasses wiht built in tv moniter" good luck.

Re:Viewing Television

Ocutech Inc.
Internet search engine low vision aids

Re:Viewing Television

I really don't know.

Re:Viewing Television

You might try to find a low vision clinic specializing in the assistance of the visually impaired. The experts that see low vision clients on a daily basis would be able to perscribe a device for your dad or give him some tips on how to view tv. They will determine what would be best for him depending on what his vision diagnosis is and how he is viewing his world.
Hopefully there is a low vision services center in your community or in some city close by.

Re:Viewing Television

Yes there is a device called Max TV! They are on the Independent Living website. They are glasses that magnify the TV and any thing else. You have to sit, not walk with them but I can watch my grand kids play out side with them even! They are about $150 and worth every penny if he has any sight at all! I only see out of 17% of one eye and they work for me! Hope this helps!

Re:Viewing Television

One idea for could check with your local cable stations to see if they carry something called Narrative Television Network. I just heard about it myself. Apparently, there is a narrator that tells the listener the visual things that are going on in between the regular audio segments. Good Luck to Dad!

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