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Visaul Agnosia

My mother has just been newly diagnosed with possible visual agnosia. I am at a loss of what this is. Anyone else have experience with this and how are you dealing with it. Thanks.

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Visual Agnosia

I input "visual agnosia" into search engines and get:
visual agnosia noun inability to recognize or interpret objects in the visual field
Visual agnosia
is an impairment in recognition of visually presented objects. It is not due to
a deficit in vision (acuity, visual field, and scanning), language, memory, or low
There are two types of visual agnosia: apperceptive agnosia and associative agnosia.
Recognition of visual objects occurs at two primary levels. At apperceptive level,
the features of the visual information from the retina is put together to form a
perceptual representation of an object. At associative level, the meaning of an object
is attached to the perceptual representation and the object is identified.
If a person is unable to recognize objects because he cannot perceive correct forms
of the objects, although his knowledge of the objects is intact, it is apperceptive
agnosia. If a person correctly perceives the forms and has knowledge of the objects,
but cannot identify the objects, it is associative agnosia.
Visual agnosia is often due to bilateral damage in the posterior
temporal lobe
(s) in the brain.

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