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Vision Loss & Depression --Need Advice

My mother has retinitis pigmentosa and over the last two years lost almost all of her vision. As a result of her vision loss she has fallen into a deep depression. She is not motivated at all to learn any coping skills and relies on my father for everything. She is living in fear and my family does not know what to do to help her. Does anyone have any suggestions about how we can help her feel some hope for her life again?

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Re:Vision Loss & Depression --Need Advice

Refer to specialists in the field of depression, they just will solve your problem.


Re:Vision Loss & Depression --Need Advice

watching the video on this site might help. the sites called Driving vision.the videos about this blind motivational speaker. he lifted my spirits maybe he help lift hers

Re:Vision Loss & Depression --Need Advice

Depressed individuals need to be treated by a doctor. Talk to your family doctor, who may refer her to a psychologist or psychiatrist. There are medications that may help. Treat the depression first, then tackle the blindness. First things first.

Re:Vision Loss & Depression --Need Advice

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Re:Vision Loss & Depression --Need Advice

Maybe your Mom needs something to inspire and motivate her to find that courage and be able to adapt to her situation. To show her that blindness is not the end of the world and that blind people can do almost anything that sighted people can. Maybe reading her stories or articles about blind people being independent and adapting to their circumstances would inspire her to take that first step to getting some Orientation & Mobility Training or adaptive living skills training at your local Division of Blind Services or blind rehab school of some kind. She just needs to adjust her thinking that this could be a new adventure, a new way of life. Blind people live full enjoyable lives too! Encourage her and tell her "Come on Mom, you're a fighter, you can do this!" I also agree with the tough love, it might be stressful at first but worth it in the end.

Re:Vision Loss & Depression --Need Advice

I have RP as well as a few other things, that are actually worse. Depression is a natural response to lose, I've been dealing with it for years. It isn't every day, but it comes and goes, but when it comes it's pretty bad. The only way out that I have found is to stay busy, or course being stuck in the house and to: prideful, stuborn, embarrassed, stupid to ask for a ride. The fear of being a burden, or letting people know that you are actually in some trouble is pretty hard to shake off some days. Just get her out of the house as often as you can, hopefully she will be willing to talk to a professional, or course I haven't even been able to do that yet and I've been dealing with this for years. All I can say is that sometimes you just have to let her lay in bed and cry out the frustration.

Best of luck.
I'd be more then happy to answer any questions I could about trying to deal with RP.

Re:Vision Loss & Depression --Need Advice

I don't know if this will help but my experience is husband was lettting me get by with him doing everything for me. While this was a good thing for awhile, I was becoming more and more dependent on him and at the same time falling farther and farther in to depresion because it also made me feel helpless. A good friend had a talk with him and told him to back off and push me to do things for myself. While this did led to some argue ments, it also pissed me off enough to prove I could do things on my own. Which in turn got me going and the depression lighten up. It did not happen over night!! Don't be an enabler! Sometimes tough love works. It did for me and yes we are still together and stronger than ever!

Re:Vision Loss & Depression --Need Advice

I have rp too.I know what your mom going through.I feel depressed or discourge of life I was afaid going blind and helpless. my eye doctor told me needed get the skills be go blind. so I went to a blind center for nine months to learn compture,brille,cooking,living skills and conseling and white cane training. so i feel more confinent in life since doing all that. email me if you mom or you want to talk. she needs these skills so she can feel better what is going to happen if you or family not around my email

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