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Vision Loss Mystery

My mother loss her vision rather suddenly nearly 8 months ago. She was poked and prodded at by a retinal specialist, an infectious diseases specialist, and a vitreous specialist. No one seems to know what caused her vision loss or how to treat it. She's terribly depressed now. Not sure what to do next. She's on Medicaid and her options seem limited.

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Re:Vision Loss Mystery

For me, the problem is getting anyone to help me: when I was in the military, I suffered at least 4 severe concussions, and now am and have been seeing double since October 20 of last year. I have lost my ability to drive, turned angry,depressed and began NOT wanting to go anywhere that involves social situations(stay home). VA is not helping much, don't know where to get help, and worse yet is I am supposed to start school next month-so you can say I have been set to fail because I can't see things single-visioned, patience is shot, and I am frustrated.

Who can I ask for help so I can cope mentally, gain some independence and be like I was and able to see again, or at least have some normalcy.

Re:Vision Loss Mystery

Has your mother had a spinal tap? I lost my vision suddenly when I was 19. After every test was dne, a spinal tap was done. My spinal fluid levels were off the charts. I don'tknw your mother's symptoms, but I had excruciating headaches. I was finally diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebrii.

Re:Vision Loss Mystery

That sounds similar to my sudden vision loss in my right eye. The doctor had a fancy name for it but basically a blood clot killed my right eye. This probably doesn't help since they SHOULD be able to know if that was the issue. When mine happened, I went to the ER and saw an Opthalmologist. He "massaged" the eye and then used a syringe to take some "eye jelly". After those two things didn't work, he told me to go home and mourn the loss of my eye. Good times.

Re:Vision Loss Mystery

I noticed that of the specialists you listed, you didn't list a neurologist or a neuro-opthamologist. Has she gotten checked for a stroke or some other form of brain trauma, such as lesions?

As well, how much vision was lost, and in what way?

Re:Vision Loss Mystery

This could make both of you guys stronger. I am totally blind, so I really don't know what that is like.

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