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Vistar Implant only one eye

I recently submitted to a charity cataract removal surgery at Vistar Eye Center in Salem Dec. 2nd 2011. After completing the operation the next day I found that my glasses lens wouldn't work on my unoperated eye and my vision is unbearable. After being told I would have to apply for Medicaid and be denied. The Social Service caseworker explained that in order to get a letter of denial for Medicaid i would have to apply for Disability SSI through the U.S. Dept. of Social Security and have determination hearing. When told the Vistar billing clerk Susan in Salem VA she became irate with me and told me I shouldn't have applied at Soc. Sec. and that now Vistar won't be able to do anything for me. i have an appointment to be set for a temporary contact lens, but now she says they might not even do that now, since I applied for Disability at Soc. Sec.

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