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Visual Impairment

If any one would be willing to complete my 5 min survey i would really appreciate it! I am a final year student wanting to design a product to aid some one who is visually impaired or blind

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improving Four Square in your local area

You may want to improve the local data available to Four Square in your university and surrounding community. Doing so has several immediate benefits. Four Square data is used by a variety of SmartPhone apps. One of them is Blind Square, a navigational app many blind and low vision users have on our phones. Please be sure to pay particular attention to public transportation POI such as bus stops and train stops. Please make sure your local community's bus route and timetable information and similar information is also input.
You can tell your university about what you are doing so that new students will learn about it and benefit from what you do long after you have graduated and moved on.
Good luck.

useful product

Here is a truly useful product, an APP which uses IOS technology.
It is called Blind Square.

please do preliminary research

Before you know enough to design anything, you are heading in the correct direction by asking questions. I completed your survey. Please refer to the next message on this AFB board and please read the responses. Research is the most important thing you can do now. Please refer to Challenges to activities of daily living
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Posted by acostell on 9/3/2014 at 10:49 PM

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