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Vitreous Retina

i am 32 year old i would like to is there any permanent solution for Vitreous retina
i had gone under surgery 2year back for my right eye
Operative Procedure : Vitrectomy + Belt Bucking, Membrane peeling + fluid gas exchange + endo laser + Trans scleral cryo.
again after 1year same eye operated for Cataract. my vision is 2.0.
there is a new activity in the left eye also its vision is perfect 6/6.
my regular dosage of medicines are
1) immuran 100mg daily
2) prednisolone 5mg daily
3) cyclosporine 100mg daily

pls is there any solution for my eyes.


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Re:Vitreous Retina

Dear friend I had read your your message on eye and like to give you some guaranteed method for your eye health.Dear friend we all know life is cycle of giving and receiving and we receive what we give to this world and in what quantity.This law created by the god and an universal law.If we give love we receive love,give money receive money,give happiness receive happiness in much more quantity.So if you make a difference in life of blind persons your also eye problem is disappear beacause you give vision to anyone by help,so gradually you receive vision.So I kindly request you to donate money for minimum one operation of poor person in India.One cataract operation for poor person in india cost only $65.It my personal experience because I face serious eye problem for 5 years of my life.So don't think just donate kindly.Below is the address of India's top hospital who do free surgery for poor.

Re:Vitreous Retina

Hello, I just enter in this Board today.
I had the same, back in 2003, my good eye is the left. my right eye had a retina detachment surgery, no cristalino,m I have a buckle, if you see my eye, looks that is moving, the iris, have some vision, bu I was diagnosed wih gslucoma, so far the good one is OK. it was under surgery also but for cataratx, they implant lense so my far sigth is almost 20/20, but I wear glasses for reading. My right(bad)eye get cross only when I am watching TV. some times according with repetitve patterns. so I have may glasses with one patcj, just in case.

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