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wearing eye patches

Why does it seem as though you can not find an eye patch pattern anywhere? Peeople want to sell them ,but not give up any patterns to share. I would really like to make a patch for my brother who lost part of his vision in ihe eye due to a blood clot.It would mean so much more than buying one! If you would like to share you pattern e-mail me at

Thank you! Tia

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Re:wearing eye patches

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Re:wearing eye patches

You might try checking out my website for High Fashionable eye patch wear with various designs for different events that also help in the successful treatment of these eye conditions:

Ptosis A partially blind eye
Amblyopia (lazy eye) Orbicularis weakness
Paradoxical lid retraction Limitation of ocular motility
Eye palsies Strabismus
Grave's disease Cogan's lid twitch
Exposure Keratitis Intermittent Diplopia
Cosmetic covering Eye surgery recovery
or other abnormalities of a damaged eye.

The patches are Soft, comfortable, and your choice of an elastic band for adjustability or beaded cord for a fashionable design! (should not be confused with a cheap costume accessory or drugstore quality eye patch.) has reasonable prices for high quality eye wear!


Re:wearing eye patches

You could have one custom made for him. Check out They offer a number of choices.

Re:wearing eye patches

I found this fact sheet from The Children's Hospital at Westmead which might be useful--

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