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Website Sound Project for Blind People

Hello there,

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Franco, and I am fully sighted

I have always been fascinated by people with disabilities - especially blind people. I really admire the strength and resolve that people born into adversity display. Sighted people don't realise how lucky they are; they don't know how people out there suffer for something they take for granted.

As a web designer, I'd only heard about the struggle partially sighted or blind people have browsing the web, but never encountered it directly. In my work I've never had a specification that was catered for people with this disability.

Which got me curious - why not make a website catered specifically for blind people?

Then I had an idea - this is something you will have to help me with, because I am going out on a limb here. It's also possible what I am about to suggest has been done before.

Another of my favourite hobbies is also to take photographs. This is something I imagine, blind people will never get to experience. Unfortunately the web is full of images; so there is a huge wealth of unattainable resources out there. I'm also guessing - probably incorrectly - that blind people avoid using the web - because so much of it does not cater to their condition.

How about a website catered specifically for sound?

In more detail : soundscapes of a city. In my case it will be London, as this is where I live. I could record the sounds of the city, the streets, upload it to this website - so blind people can listen to the sounds of the city - with an accompanying textual description.

I am willing to invest time and money to do this - I just need to know if it's something, blind people would be interested in. I will also need help and guidance in setting it up (nothing technical, just user experience feedback).

What do you guys (and girls) think? Does this sound like a good idea? Do you have any suggestions perhaps?

Let me know!


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Re:Website Sound Project for Blind People

Re:Website Sound Project for Blind People

Right, the project is slowly underway!

I've setup an e-mail address for anyone who wants to volunteer to help me. I'll also be able to communicate any updates to you all. The address is;

I still haven't thought of a good name yet for this project, so I'm using a working title " The Sound Project ".

- oh and Merry Christmas everyone!

Re:Website Sound Project for Blind People


I, for one, would be glad to assist you with this project. Is there a way to contact you?

I provide computer training to individuals who are blind and visually impaired, and I teach an Introduction to Computers course at the university in our city.

You can contact me by emailing the address on my web site, which is

Re:Website Sound Project for Blind People

Hello rachel N,

I'm sorry if I insulted you. That was not my intention at all. I have never met a blind or partially sighted person before in my life, and so I really don't know how much the web plays a part in their daily lives. I'm not trying to be demeaning in any way! You have to understand, in my daily job I look at things from one perspective - so to speak - and am trying to look at things from another.

There is nothing about this site that should offend. The idea is essentially for a gallery of sounds as opposed to a gallery of images. But the site will also be a learning experience for me to build something accessible to screen readers and such.

It looks like it's something people might like, so I'm going to go ahead with building it. I'll let you all know how it goes and keep you posted!

Re:Website Sound Project for Blind People

That would be a great idea! Thank you so much for thinking of it.

Re:Website Sound Project for Blind People

I am not foolish or special. I feel insulted. Just because I am blind I do not stop using the net. If there are images I simply pass over them, but use the net fine. I am on all sorts of sites, talk to many and even talk about visual art after feeling them or hearing them described. I love exploring cities by my travels and will be happy to talk about landscaping, but will not be degraded by only looking at sound files. I deal well with visual discription from sited friends.

Thanks, have a good day and stop insulting intelligence.

Re:Website Sound Project for Blind People

Hi, Franco. I, for one, love the idea you have!

As a person born blind and thus having never seen pictures, I base a lot of my environmental information on sounds. I have always wanted to visit London, and a soundscape of the city, including one of the train system, would be great!

I do use the wweb extensively, but the type of site you mention is rare, indeed.

Re:Website Sound Project for Blind People

I think that would be a winderful idia. I would love that. thank you so much!

Re:Website Sound Project for Blind People

I am partially sighted but still uderstand the struggle you are describing. Alot of the time we can see pictures with tactile images, but of course this is not recreated on the web. Most people, including myself have screen readers that would read text on webpages so you wouldnt need to have a text description. I dont know how much sounds of a scene would help though.

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