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Weird lazy eye condition ??? Does anyone else have this???

I have had a lazy eye since before I can remember, I actually think it developed between 8 - 10 years old before that there are no pictures of me with a lazy eye. I do have some ability through deep concentration to control my eyes, but it is very tiring to keep up for more than 4 - 5 minutes at a time

I have 20/100 vision in my left eye
in my right eye I have 20/40 vision.
but when I concentrate and use both eyes everything becomes a giant blur and I can't read text unless I am two inches away from it.

But the blurriness is what tells me I am now looking normal and can now feel comfortable to talk with people face to face without feeling worthless.

Does this sound like anyone else on here?? All of the eye doctors I talked to in the past don't understand this and can't figure it out... I even seen a specialist once.

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Re:Weird lazy eye condition ??? Does anyone else have this???

Hi, my name is kimberly lopez. i am 15 yrs old. i have this lazy ey since when i was in 5th grade at a age of 10 or 11. Can you please tell me wat should i do so i dont get lazy eye?

Re:Weird lazy eye condition ??? Does anyone else have this???

Hi I was born with a lazy eye and I had
surgery when I was about two years old. I remember wearing a eye patch. So there is hope. So just ask your doctor about the surgery to repair the muscle in eye.

Re:Weird lazy eye condition ??? Does anyone else have this???

Who says there is no cure?! My son was born in 1969. When he was 5 years old we took him to our cousin - an optomologist eye surgeon MD. The reason you have a lazy eye is because a muscle controlling eye movement is stretched out. Our cousin used an laser to cut the muscle (or vein - not sure) and then fastened it back on a much shorter leash. He never had a problem after that surgery. AND I was born in 1947. When I was 5 I had some kind of surgery on my lazy eye. I remember having to wear a patch over my one eye for what seemed like a month, and then I had to wear glasses and do eye exercises. Eventually I stopped needing glasses until I reached college age. The advice is - talk to some eye surgeons - specialist!

Re:Weird lazy eye condition ??? Does anyone else have this???

Yes, you are not alone out there with this condition. I myself have this unfortunate condition and if yours is the same as mine there it no cure... yet. It should be comforting to know that life will continue as normal and you will have many oppurtunities despite your limitation. A good friend of mine with this same condition was able however to change her "lazy eye" condition by wearing an eye patch 24/7 when she was young. While these results are not typical, they are possible. Im not sure how old you are but if you are 18 you are capable of undergoing a lazer eye surgery which should allow you to control your wondering eye. I understand your feeling of embarassment, but you should remember that everyone has flaws, ours is just visible. Dont lose sight of all your other blessings.
God Bless You,

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