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What can one do

So heres the story of my early life. My name is Andrew and I am one of a kind with my injury or one in a million.
I was 5 1/2 years old when I was practice casting with my fishing pole. I had set it down and was doing something else I will never forget that day also I can stil rember using both my eyes. Well a neighbor boy had picked up my fishing pole and asked if he could practice casting. I had said no because my Father had told me not to let anyone use it. Well he bothered me for like ten minutes I finally gave in. When I was climbing my tree the neighbor girl said get out of that tree we got into an argument about it being my tree and she couldnt tell me what to do. Well she said she would tell my Dad. That got me out of the tree. I started to walk towards the house when I heard look out sure enough I turned around to see what it was and bam. FIshing sinker that we used as weight to practice casting had hit me right in the eye. The sinker went in and damaged my Lens and not trying to make a joke but the sinker hit a bulls eye, yup it hit dead center of my Retina you would think I couldnt see since they removed my Lens or things would be upside down but everything is blurry I can see objects shapes colors just cant read plus I have my prefreal vision. its wierd I really cant see anyone right now due to having no insurance no money and just yesterday i found out that my has pressure of 38 thats high But my retina is fine. I am very confused in what I can do having my finacial bureden cause of the life style that I chose to live in my teen years and most of my twenties. I also have severe Migranes that dont go away unless I smoke the weed which I may add that is illegal here in Minnesota. I also have nightmares when I seldom dream because I have sleep apnia so I feel so lost and alone I cry myself to sleep at night alot but never really dream since I quit breathing at night for those who know what sleep ap is. My credit is a joke I have no credit cards no bank would ever give me alone I am not allowed to have a nak account and just finding out that I have early signs of Glacoma really is sending me through the hoops. I am slowly loosing my vision in my left eye wich I also have a stigmatism in I am 28 and in fear of not being able to see my beautiful future wifes face again all news I find out the day before valentines day. I am always in fear of something happening to my left ear and trying not put on hold my life due to fear. I still snowboard and ski. Amazingly I am a fishermen here in Minnesota still I never gave that up. So I just wanted to post something and see what options I have as far as disabilty or social security or just responses to my one of a kind story well thanks for reading my short story and listening to me complain about my life when then are people out there that could never see or have complete blindness I just know for a fact I will eventually loose my sight wich sucks!!!

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Re:What can one do

Hi Andy,

I can feel your pain, but like the others said don't give up.

I can heklp you I just started my own company for consulting and Assisted Learning and Technology.

I can give you a lot of information.

email me directly at my email address

Good luck

Re:What can one do

Hi Andy, I know how you feel. I have been there. First try to get on Medicade and get a medical card. This will help you with medical cost and most of the time all expenses are totally paid 100 percent. Then get a really good optomologist and then if you meet the requirements you will be able to get on disability. I know being blind sucks, but I use to have 20/20 vision and now just have light perception. This is hard to believe but it is not the end of the world. Even though I still hate it, I have adapted quite well. It is hard not to be able to see your wife or the other things in life, I have a 13 year old daughter and I haven't seen her face since she was 4 and it really bothers me, but hang in there and things will come together.

Re:What can one do

Hey Andy,

Could you email me when you get a chance? I don't have any advice financially, but maybe as far as your eyes go I can offer some suggestions.


Re:What can one do

Don't give up life I know it is not easy. I would try rehab for people looseing their sight.I went for nine months learn alot how to deal with vision loss. For the money problem go to social secrity or call see if you can get ssi.I have RP so I have some vision. I have been accepted to a guide dog school just waiting when the dog is ready.

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