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What do blind people do for fun?

I am writing a book about a blind man in a romantic relationship. What sort of things would a blind person want to do, and enjoy doing?

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Re:What do blind people do for fun?

What I don't like about romance novels is that they are caricatural, and what I abhore is the caricature of a blind in a book/movie etc. So, beofre you start writing you will have to pounder these points:
1. 1. Is your character blind of birth? Or was he born blind?
2. How does he walk? Does he use a dog? Or only a cane?
3. You will ahve to be acquainted withassistive technology (get to know JAWS of Window Eye) because, in today's world, we are as connected as anybody else,
4. How does he relate to people? You will have to iamgine how he compensates for his impossibility to make eye contact, perceive body language. And all of that has to be realistic and beleive me, describing this is not easy at all...
for instance, i go to my local pub on Fridays and I know I miss alot as far as body langauge and visul contacts are concerned and I know I stand out in a crowd because of that.
I watch a movie. I don't like audiodescription, but I will focus on the sounds I hear and the memories I'll ahve of the voices of the actors.
We also ahve to be creative: for example how do you ahve somebody guiding you when downhill skiing, etc, etc...
As aid by others above, we can do pretty much the same as anybody else you just have to ask yourself the right questions when writing. But the best way for you to find out about all this is to get to know peole who are blind and who live in your community.

Re:What do blind people do for fun?

I have been loosing my vision for about 10 years now at this point I have lost a lot of motivation due to loss of hobbies and work. I was a master electrician I was a pilot I hunted and pretty much everything in the middle. Just yesterday I was outside with my daughters and they was riding horses and a friend stopped by and I asked her what do visually impaired people do for fun. So I have done some research but im very confused myself. My vision now is very low but fir now I can still most task just I'm a slower mors clumsier rate. I know this is not the tight for bit o would love to talk to people that has been dealing with this same type issue or know someone that has. Not sure if thus sill email me notices so if not my email is Thanks and I hope not out of context here. Carl

Re:What do blind people do for fun?

What do we, as people? Same things as anyone else I suppose. Only drawback I have in traveling is that I can't drive (makes it a little harder to pick up that woman you want). otherwise, Its all the same (with a few minor changes).

What i like to do:
1. play computer games (I still have about 1% eyesight left in the good eye)
2. walk the mall, neighborhood, etc
3. camping
4. hiking
5. movies
6. concerts
7. touring the zoo, or other parks

BTW, you can get a free pass to the national parks in the US by going into the local national park service office and getting some paperwork filled out. A signature and your I.D. are all thats needed. It will grant you a free pass for entrance into any national park for you and 2 others in your party. Some other fees may be discounted.

Re:What do blind people do for fun?

I have been legally blind since birth so I have grown up learning methods of adapting to activities as opposed to someone who recently lost their vision as an adult. You also need to decide whether your character reads braille and uses a cane-as these are intergal parts of achieving independence!

Re:What do blind people do for fun?

To write such a story, you will have to decide to what degree your character has lost his vision. My husband has lost almost all of his vision and his opportunities for fun are quite limited. He cannot see well enough to effectively use the computer, cannot ride a bike or watch a movie or TV. My husband is deeply introverted, but if you construct your character as an extrovert, getting together with friends could be fun. Also other outside people contacts such as church or synagogue. Perhaps he has a hobby like signing in a choral group.

Here's an idea: You know how you are as a person. Close your eyes for a while and imagine what you would do for fun if you couldn't peek.

Re:What do blind people do for fun?

There is a lot they can do. In Toronto, we have a blind sailing club, where a good deal of the crew has vision loss, and still controlling the rigging for the ship and such.

They can read, ride a bike (with some help), watch movies.... the vast majority can do what most other people can do, with some adaptations.

As well, if they have some functional vision, it makes it easier for them to do some things.

Re:What do blind people do for fun?

might I make an initial suggestion-do not call someone a blind person but a person who is blind or legally blind or visually impaired. A person is not defined by a dissability but all of the things they are able to do.

I am legally blind but I do pretty much anything a person who is sighted would do. I just have to make a couple adaptations sometimes. I read, watch movies, etc...
good luck with your book :)

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