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What do you do for fun??

Hi!! My husband is recently blind, due to a surgery his optic nerve was damaged is now dead, and accourding to the doctors there is no cure for this. We are still pretty young in our mid 20's. I'm looking for these that he can do at home while I'm at work to keep himself from being bored?? Also, things that we can do together that He will enjoy also?

Any of your ideas for would be very helpful! Thanks! =)

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Re: What do you do for fun??

Hello all,
I like to do several things for fun. I like to listen to Youtube music on my iPhone, and sometimes watch Netflix which I love because they now have audiodescription. I also like to go out with my family, text some of my friends from graduate school, listen to some audiobooks on the BARD mobile app from the library of congress, etc. Another thing I also like doing is playing with my cat. He has several catnip toys including a small turtle. he loves to get attention whenever I get too busy on my laptop. pets are a lot of fun and a good way to destress from a hard day at work or school.
Thank you.

Re: What do you do for fun??

My husband taught me to weld.

He coached me on how to drive a bobcat, and I DID !!!

I love fishing. Saltwater fishing anyway. Freshwater fishing - not so much.

We got a tandem bike and go riding. Now that we're getting in shape we'll do that more.

My daughter bought me a pack of braille cards (after I learned how to read braille) and we play all manner of card games.

We've gone to the bowling lanes and I can bowl. They have 'gutter guards' so it's difficult for me to throw a gutter ball.

I also got one of those weighted hoola-hoops and enjoy doing that as well.

I crochet and have my own etsy site. I've also taught my mother and a few other blind people how to crochet.

Use your imagination!!

Re: What do you do for fun??

Aside from performing prayer online for people, I used my BookSense Digital Reader of Daisy book sold by HIMS to listen to books, I listen to music through Rhapsody, National Public Radio, go to the gym or for a walk with friends, out to dinners, but what I really miss is playing video game on my PC. I especially loved Myst & Riven but do not know if there are any quality games for the blind.


Re:What do you do for fun??

what a blind person can do for fun is to like listen to music hoped this helped

Re:What do you do for fun??

# ( 1) I'm new to this , and as with you .. My date to the dance is blind... But since birth.... It is very hard to describe the passion and compassion that I feel....... My date is very accomplished... She has a great job and is totaly independent.........

For our fun...... we do anything we want.... It is all because of one smple rule..........

Instead of looking at 100 ways why you ( two ) can't do it....

Say........ A ...... Game .. of .. Golf.........

Just find one way that you can............ Keep tryin...!!!!


Re:What do you do for fun??

My first question would be;
Has your husband gotten any independent living training. Core classes such as orientation and mobility?
Using a cane to get around? Or has he considered getting a guide dog.
If he has this training he can go places either with you or without you. He doesn't have to stay home.
Is there a agency for the blind who can help him achieve independence?
They can interview him and see what he might want to do with his life. He still can work.
What does he like to do?
My friends and I are blind and visually impaired and we like to do all kinds of stuff.
We like amuzement parks, parties with friends, go to the movies, go to the theater and see a play or musical.
You might have describe the scenes to him.
Some theaters have descriptions for the visually impaired. You'd have to ask the theater.
Some movie houses have descriptive devices you rent out during the movie. You'd have to ask which ones.
The are movies you can buy with descriptive systems already on them.
He can listen to books on tape recorded by national library services for the blind and physically handicapped.
He can register for that.
If he gets enough independent travel training, he can visit friends or go to his appointments.
He can always sign up with paratransit in his area, so that he doesn't have to wait around for someone to take him.
Hope this kind of helps.
Best wishes


Re:What do you do for fun??

Ok, here is where the fun starts- My husband bought me a big screen tv and used my blindness as an excuse LOL ..You husband may like that. I am also blind (20/300 & 20/400) but I'm not sure if he would like the same things I do.

Re:What do you do for fun??

I like watching movies I rent and go for walks with my new guide. Is there a blind center or rehab . I went to a blind center took some classes cooking,computer,braie and conseling for nine months. My email

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