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What happened?

I was born visionally impared and I don't know what really happened and I want to know. Please help I hurt so much because I don't know

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Re:What happened?

I've got the same problem but after a while of doctors telling u different things ur concern shifts from the "why" to the "what are better ways I can go about conducting my life". The why isn't really as important because people will always ask "what happened to your eyes" but ya know no answer will ever be good enough for them and who cares it's not like they're gonna fix it if u told them so forget about it and live life to the fullest.

Re:What happened?


Find and attend a Support Group...

There's nothing like being with others with similar challenges...

Do it... Lloyd in DryLanta

Re:What happened?

I'm sorry you are going through agony trying to figure out why you are visually impaired. What are the name/names of your eye condition? Have you asked your parents about being born visually impaired?
When you discover what your eye conditions are, do some research about them. Get educated about it. Then you will have a better idea. Sometimes it's genetic or environmental. Once you are educated and informed, you can move on with your life. Do you have an eye doctor you can talk to? He/she may also shed some light on the subject. Most vow vision specialists are trained to offer help to the visually impaired. They understand our situations. Good luck. And stay strong!


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