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What is it like to be blind?

Hello, my name is Elle and I'm writing a novel about to blind lovers... I'm curious, what is it like to be blind really? What does it mean/can someone who is blind see completely nothing?

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Re:What is it like to be blind?

One important aspect would also be whether the person had sight before, or they were born without sight.

If they were born with sight and lost it later, they have experiences with vision and can compare what it is like to cross the street with and without vision.

If they never had vision, it would be much harder to explain. It would strongly depend on how they perceive the world (tacitly or echolocation) and how they navigate around the world.

Re:What is it like to be blind?

Your best bet would be to walk in "my" shoes and walk a whole day blindfolded (and make sure you can't see out fo the corners because that would be cheating). I can't answer what it is like to have a visual impariment because I have never had it any other way so I wouldn't know the difference. I use a cane and read braille and large print but that doesn't describe it completely.

Re:What is it like to be blind?

it can be a very dark place try for one whole day (with a guild) walking around doing your every day things blind folded.

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