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What is the store life of an over the counter eye patch?

In 2003 I had a branch puncher my eye. I had a transplant but it was unsuccessful. It left me blind in my left eye. This was job related. I average buying 3 eye patches a month. I need to research the longevity of an eye patch in order to be compensated by workers com. Does anyone know how to do this or have info? They have tried making a contact lenses with a blacken out area for my eye on several occasions and each time it splits and causes more irritation. My eye has changed shapes.

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Re:What is the store life of an over the counter eye patch?

I've used eye patches a few times because my eyes aren't that tough about being damaged, so it helps to protect against strong wind. In any case, search the internet for eye patch prices. You really don't need to be replacing them that often- store purchased ones are going to be the least comfortable, the shortest lasting, and the ugliest.

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