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What will his life be like now?

My child was in an accident. The doctors say he is completely blind in that eye and there is nothing they can do to repair or save his eye. We are told that he will have to wear a prosthetic. Will he be considered legally blind? Will he ever be able to get a driver's license? What type of issues will we have to deal with? What can we do to give him as normal life as possible? Should we get another opinion?

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Re: What will his life be like now?

I am a bit lonely myself. I would like to meet another blind person to have a relationship with in the future but alas I dont think many of them in Nevada are online.
Donald The Blind Webmaster.
Please visit my free web resource directory for the blind, deaf-blind and low vision people living in the United states and submit your favorite business/organization that helps the blind, deaf-blind or low vision person in need in your state.

Re:What will his life be like now?

My friend had an accident like that. They are considered partially sighted. They can often lead normal lives.
If you have questions, I'll give you his email adress...


Re:What will his life be like now?

My son also had an accident that left him blind in one eye. I am having a hard time coping with his loss and was wondering have you been able to make peace and if you have any suggestions, my son is 13.

Re:What will his life be like now?

I don't have all the answers either. However I became blind at the age of 9, I am 26 now. I would like to give you my email addy so we can discuss this further.

Re:What will his life be like now?

I'm so sorry to hear about your son. He will not be considered legally blind unless his good eye is 20/200 or worse. I don't have all the answers but I did have a friend who was in the same condition, he lives a normal life. Growing up he played all the sports out there including baseball. So I believe he will live a normal life as long as you let him - don't restrict him from doing anything, except bungy jumping ofcourse :)

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