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What's It like???

I am a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs and I am currently working on getting acceptance from my school to bring the dogs on campus. Too many people don't understand how important these dogs are and how difficult life is as a blind person. I would like to hear anyones personal frustrations being visually impaired. Because I am working to help somebody out there, it'd be nice to know what sort of a difference I am making.

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Re:What's It like???

I think that the school should give you permission to bring the dog on campus. Guide dogs are able to go into stores and resturaunts. I like that you are a guide dog puppy raiser. I want to be one. I think that you are helping many people who need Guide Dogs. You are making an impact on their lifes.

Re:What's It like???

You are doing a great service--educating the public is the hard part.
I've hear that service dogs who "flunk" the final exam are offered for adoption. My husband died suddenly last year while I was undergoing my second round of cancer and we were ggoing to look at rescue greyhounds but it wouldn't have been fair to the dog. I could barely take care of myself!

Re:What's It like???

for me , useing a guide dog was an extremely positive experience both practicaly and emotionally .
i am so grateful that there are folks like you , willing to share your personal resources to improve my quality of life .
it does seem like an inadequate response , but thank you sir .

Re:What's It like???

Hello J-Bird

No service animal may be barred from any public place even a restuarant where the general public is allowed.

I'm not sure if a service animal in training has this same right everywhere but I know that here in Florida even a service animal in training under the guidance of his trainer must be admitted anywhere the general public is welcomed.

The only requirement in either case is that the animal must wear a plainly visiable (I love how they worded that law) item stating that he is a service animal.

While I don't require the service of such an animal I can't imagine myself without someone else helping me once I lose my sight even trying to cross a busy intersection with today's drivers without one! But thats me.


Re:What's It like???

Thank you so much for you work and dedication! All you need is affirmation that it is indeed a service dog(not a pet) and every public place must admit both you and your dog...discrimination is not allowed and need not be a factor that is disrupting your life!

Again, thanks for your dedication!


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