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when you realized you're blind/becoming blind....

first experiences/emotions?

I'm writing a book where my main character is a blind girl, and I would like to know what it's like being blind, especially if you weren't born blind.

don't mean any disrespect

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Re:when you realized you're blind/becoming blind....

Dear internet is full of story which you want to write book on topic.So use net and book to write a best book about blind girl.

Re:when you realized you're blind/becoming blind....

I agree with El Ciego completely! I did all that, but I was very lucky in the doctors were able to get my SO under control. I was down to 20/200 and fading fast. I had always been very dependent on my eyes and prided myself in noticing detail most overlooked and when things started going down hill I was crushed!!! I tried to prepare myself and learn to manage but after a surgery I had to have my only eye patched for 4 days. I was nowhere close to prepared. I have a massive respect now for those who were not as lucky as me!!!! Looks like I'm going thru a big flareup right now. I trust the docs tho, they'll get it knocked down. Best Wishes on your book!

Re:when you realized you're blind/becoming blind....

This is all part of the adjustment process and we all come in at different points. It is a cycle and you go through the different stages for different lengths.

They compare the loss of vision to the loss of a child.

Tuttle & Tuttle have a great book describing the process and coping.

It is a cycle because we have set backs or little incidents that can cause us to go through parts of the process again. "ups & downs"

Say a person loses their vision very early on, often when teens are getting their driver's license, there may be some coping or part of this process that will be dealt with. They may have seemed totally adjusted, but that one milestone (introduction of a type of freedom) that a person may miss out on, can cause the person to have to adjust again. There are many things that can cause this, but this doesn't mean a person totally regresses, just means they may have to adjust. This can take very little time or a lot of time. Each person is different.

Any kind of instance could cause this, and it could be totally different for each individual. An accident or an incident dealing with a specific social interaction (some type of discrimination) could be the cause.

Good luck and I know the individuals here can give you some insight. There are a lot of great books by persons with visual impairments talking about this process. Check them out. Tuttle & Tuttle talk about the process and psychology behind it.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:when you realized you're blind/becoming blind....

according to dad I was miserable for a short ttime and then I just became me again, happy, goofy, and intellectual. but, yes, reading something can help. trying to write a novel about it myself. You can find me on under Rachel92

Re:when you realized you're blind/becoming blind....

thanks guys!

Re:when you realized you're blind/becoming blind....

Jadwiga is right, CandleMagic.

That being said, I'll give you that couple of sentences. This is from my perspective as one who lost his eysight rather than having been born blind.

It's a lot like dying.

First you get angry. Then you deny that it's happening/has happened. Then, maybe you bargain with God. Maybe you seek numerous medical opinions, trying to buy/work your way out of it.

Then the depression sets in.

Finally, if you're healthy you accept it. You deal with it. You learn to do things without seeing, from washing yourself to cooking a meal to walking to the store to finding a job.

Then you live your life.

If you're lucky, you find friends, meet someone to love, make enough money to live. You miss your eyesight, you really do. You regret the books you've never read but which now are not in a form usable by blind people. You regret the beautiful scenes you never fully saw nor memorized, the paintings and artwork you ignored, because you were too busy looking at sexy human bodies. Some of us drink too much, some start taking illegal drugs or worse, prescription drugs. Some of us get really fat from lack of exercise. Some dive head-first into religion.

There is no universal experience, although many facets of the experience are shared by most of us.

UYeah... you better read a book or twenty. Good luck on your project.

Re:when you realized you're blind/becoming blind....

yes i agree with you because this is a great solution

Re:when you realized you're blind/becoming blind....

There are lots of books about and by people who are totally blind or have lost some or all of their vision. Reading them will give you lots more insight than would a couple of sentences from one of us. You can certainly use search engines to check for blind authors. Hope this helps.

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