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Why do I see different colors in my eye?

My mom has been seeing colors in her right eye,and she can barely see anything.Her left eye is o.k, it's just her right giving her problems. Also, the color of her eyes are naturally brown,but now they are a darkish blue-green. She wil not go see the doctor because she's scared of what they say

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Re: Why do I see different colors in my eye?

I have a rare and annoying condition known as visual migrains. I see millions ( I assume they are millions) of tiny dots (I cant actually tell if they are dots) in my field of vision that shimmer different colors 24/7. Even at night when I close my eyes to go to sleep. Initially this caused me great depression and I was on Neurontin to make me stable but in time I sort of grew used to it as "cronic pain". As long as I am focused on something like this or work I am fine.

Re:Why do I see different colors in my eye?

My daughter was born with an eye disorder and had blue eye when she was born. Her bad eye started turning a dark green color, but it was due to a cataract. I do think she needs to see an ophthalmologist just to get it checked out. Your vision is nothing to play around with.

Re:Why do I see different colors in my eye?

I would advise your mother to see a doctor immediately. It's very necessary. You should encourage her to do so because she could have a disease that might spread to her (left??) "good" eye.

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