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Why do you guys type so bad? You type like you're blind or something.

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That is a sick question as it is but it really made my heart drop reading such a distasteful question from someone who thinks that being blind or visually impaired is a joking matter. im blind out of one eye and to the person who had the audacity to ask that question, i tell you that i hope you never have any vision problems in your future. Karma is a b****. sorry for my language but that question burns me up.


That is the Rudest thing to say! It can be hard to see the keyboard, and hard to see the computer screen type. I hope you are joking.


Hello I am legally blind and use zoomtext software. I try my best to type well but I have a learning disablity so sometiems I do not put commons but you can understand me. Sounds like this person has alot of personal issues and needs to learn to respect others and be nice bye for now chrism.


my excuse is i am typing on my cell phone with a basic keypad...i am trying to listen to a nascar race and my phone talk at the same time.


U should be ashamed of yourself for posting something like that! That's horrible.... If u aren't blind or visually impaired, someday you could become that way, and I bet u wouldn't be laughing then... that's just sick....


It's a horrible thing to say anywhere.

I can't see the letters on my keyboard unless I practically curl into a ball in my chair. I was taught to type by a woman who works with blind kids. Also, I have a large monitor.


I think that is a horrible thing to say on this site, That person should be ashamed.!!!


I too hope you are joking!

Some members here may use speech-to-text programs which may account for some errors.

Also, there are plenty of sighted people who can't type very well.


Wow. That's all I can say is wow. I seriously hope you are kidding. I'm a university student who types very well and yes, not all blind people are horrible typists and not all sighted people are great typists either.


[First post]

This had better be some twisted joke or something.

Not all blind people type badly and not all sighted people type well.

Still, not nice.

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