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Writing a novel

Hi I am writing a novel about a woman who loses her sight in a car accident and i would like it to be authentic and accurate. I would like to know anything about what they day to day is like for the blind and how it affects friends and family.

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Re:Writing a novel

I've landed in the "write" place! Also researching my novel: 88 year-old character loosing her sight. Would appreciate any feedback to these questions ~
1.) Are sunglasses completely passé? A fashion DON'T for the blind!?
2.) Feasible for her to still live alone, with lots of help during the day from nieces and nephews?
3.) What professional would she bring in to help prepare her for blindness?
4.) Any voice activated screen readers or are all key commands?
5.) The JAWS robotic voice is hard to understand from what I've heard on YouTube. Is this a favorite screen reader or is System Access just as popular?

Thanks so much for any help...

Re:Writing a novel

Dear .all
I too am writing a novel about someone who was born blind. Would love to get some info on their mannerisms. Was wondering if anyone could help me on this regard
You can contact me at

Re:Writing a novel

Dear frd you can find so many article related to this on internet.You can also get info personaly from visiting your local blind organisation.You can find story of blind girls by search in web search with this keywords 'Story of blind girl' or 'story of blind person'.

Re:Writing a novel

Hi as a visually impaired and fellow writer myself i'll try my best to help you out.
My blindness hasn't come from an accident but i imagine i have had similar experiences.
What would you like to know?

As far as feelings especially to begin with it would be a hard challenge physically and emotionally. Its common for one to experience depression from the experience at first and from time to time
like if you were to loose a love one you go through the same grieving process.
feel free to message me back i'll do my best to help

Re:Writing a novel

AH! I came here to do the exact same thing. See my post in "water cooler". Except, my character I have in mind was born blind.

I'd love to trade any information I get with you. Just reading about it has gotten me nowhere. I am at a stand still.

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