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Writing a story, any help would be appreciated

I know there are multiple "writing a story" topics but I looked and can't find this information anywhere. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

My story revolves around a rock band. Their lead guitarist, Chip, is in a car crash and becomes blind. A good chunk of the story is about Chip's struggle to learn to live with blindness.

For lack of a better phrase, what is the reason that Chip would go blind in a car crash, what would have to get hurt, etc.?

Also, what changes in routine is his roommate going to have to make?

What is going to irritate him when he tries to get back to a normal life?

What kind of special precautions will have to be made as he is gallavanting like a crazed lunatic onstage? He is fully blind.

Though he is fully blind, could he still be sensitive to light and get headaches, even though he can't see what's doing it to him?

I've done a bit of research and I think I've covered almost everything. If there's anything I've missed, please help me out. Even if it doesn't answer one of those questions, I need all the help I can get.

Thank you!

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Re:Writing a story, any help would be appreciated

I'm not sure about if he's fully blind, but if he has a little bit of sight, there's a condition called photophobia. That's where bright light would be really uncomfortable to look at...
I would say that irritating would be little things; tripping over things or running into things at first until he can navigate himself. Maybe not being able to do some things...
His roommate would have to be careful to leave Chip's stuff where he organizes it so he can find it, to not leave doors and stuff half open..
About being onstage, I would think that he might walk around the stage before he goes on so that he knows it beforehand? That way he knows how big it is, etc. etc..
Hope I could help

Re:Writing a story, any help would be appreciated

i would think if he were in a car crash either his physical eyes would have to be damaged. or his occipital lobe of the brain which is towards the back of the brain that has a lot to do with vision. or his optic nerve which is close to the back of the scull so if he had trauma in those areas it would effect his vision. as far as his room mate they would need to perhaps assist him in completing some every day tasks until he learns how to do them himself. they may need to walk him places as well. the room mate would also need to be very conscious of organization and not moving things around in the living area for the blind guy to trip over. and they would need to be organized to be able to find things and manage tasks efficiently. in regards to what would frustrate him it depends on his personality. he may be very angrey about why this had to happen to him. and he may be in denile. he may feel like he can't do anything on his own. but he then will hopefully learn to accept it and accept the fact that people may react differently to him and how to handle that and how to complete tasks for daily life. and as to how he would run on stage when his band plays well that would depend on his personality again. after he looses his vision he could become more timid an worried or even scared about knowing exactly where he is at all times or thinking he may get hurt so he may not be as much of a risk taker if that was what he was like before. on the other handhe could still be very fistey and be a dare devil so he would just go for it and take risks like he did before the accident. and for the headakes i don't really know the answer sorry. hope this helps good luck

Re:Writing a story, any help would be appreciated

Yes, Chip would most likely have to be injured, I.e. stabbed in the eye

Chip's roomate may need to help him move around, if he doesn't hava a cane or a dog, help him cook, or go somewhere.

As to what irritates him, it depends on his character. He could go into a deep depression, or he could have an outgoing attitude. It may irritate him if he can't do something that he could normally do.

Hope this helps!

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