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Writing (Braille?)

First of all, please excuse my ignorance...

I am curious as to how someone who is legally blind would write. What is the most common method, and how is it usually taught? I have read some things about the Braille system and a slate and a metal tipped pen to write Braille, but I am not sure to what extent this is used.

Also, when you have to give a signature on a form, how would you go about this? I've been reading things about stamps and signature guildes. Again, I am looking for the most common method those who are legally blind or visually impaired would use.

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Re:Writing (Braille?)

Okay, your question is quite broad. Legally blind is a general requirement, you can google a definition. A person who is legally blind could have good detail vision and have a severe loss in their field of vision. Or, they could have 20/200 after correction. They may be reading with magnification such as through a video magnifier.

"pen" is called a stylus and it would be used with a slate. I am sure you can google slate and stylus to get a look at what it looks like. They are not as common today, but are useful tools for jotting down notes and such.

People without vision are most often taught how to sign their name or initials. A signature guide helps the person know where to sign. Some people will use a credit card or ID, and ask for it to be lined with the line. Others might just need the tip of a finger to get them to the line and some orientation.

Some people use stamps, but I know very few. Most people know how to make their signature. A signature does not have to be a full name, it has to be their mark, as long as it is somewhat consistent.

Braille is used and can be produced on paper or through electronic refreshable braille screens. People access information through audio as well.

People can even drive with low vision, you can google Low Vision Driving and find out more. Not all states have this type of program, but more and more do. There is training and telescopic devices involved.

Hope this helps.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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