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Yoga Cure Anytypes of Eye Diseases or Disorders.It's Proven

Dear friend yes it's true and I don't say you just trust me without proof,so dear first do yoga and see the result.Many diseases of eye like Macular Degeneration,Optic Nerve problem,Retinal Detactment,Low Vision,Retinus Pigmentosa etc which is not easily control by Modern Medical Science but can be easily control and cure by Yoga and Pranayama with little help of Ayurveda,modern medical science is good in little eye problem like cataract,glucoma etc but it's not much helpful in retinal,low vision,optic etc types of eye problem.I also don't believe in yoga till my detached retina become healthy then I trust in Power of Yoga.Trust me no other good treatment are present for critical eye problem exclude Yoga,Pranayama and Ayurveda.As we know Yoga and Ayurveda is a part of nature,so it's totally safe for all.I know patients which is blind but by power of yoga and ayurveda they see the world again.So if you feel to try this then contact in my email.I provide all the info about this including our free clinic and yoga classes.Dear I don't sell you anything it's totally free.You Don't Have To Give Anything But Get Your Vision.

Thanks and God Bless You

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Re:Yoga Cure Anytypes of Eye Diseases or Disorders.It's Proven

I have found that certain types of exercise where I have to strain causes my sight to decrease faster so while I have thought about trying yoga, I have not done so yet. I would like to learn Yang style Tai Chi though havnt been able to find a teacher yet.

Re:Yoga Cure Anytypes of Eye Diseases or Disorders.It's Proven

please give me how to do exercise with yoga for cylindrical power -1.5 in both eyes for a baby.

Re:Yoga Cure Anytypes of Eye Diseases or Disorders.It's Proven

I am sorry, this is definitely a misleading post by a user promoting false or inaccurate information. Yoga is a great thing, but it can not be linked to curing blindness or visual impairment. You could claim anything cures any type of condition. I promote reading and checking the validity of any information that you are interested in.

These are general message boards and posts should not be taken as fact or as messages from experts. The American Foundation for the Blind does not promote the above message.

I suggest you check out FamilyConnect at, as well. That is a site shared by AFB and NAPVI. There are message boards there as well. I think the information shared on these message boards are important and persons often give good advice, but information on message boards should be taken as suggestions or persons ideas.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:Yoga Cure Anytypes of Eye Diseases or Disorders.It's Proven

my baby is 4 year old.she has -1.5 cylindrical and .5 sph in both eyes .doctor asked to wear glass.if this can be cured using yoga.pls send me reply

Re:Yoga Cure Anytypes of Eye Diseases or Disorders.It's Proven

I deeply respect yoga and its many wonderful teachers. Practice of Iyengar Yoga has sustained me for over thirty-five years. I am totally blind. Please, folks, yoga is valuable. This message to which I am responding is misleading and makes exaggerated claims. Yoga can do many things. It is a lifetime commitment rather than some get fixed quick scheme. Charletans exist in many guises. Please take the claims in this gentleman's message with many many grains of salt.

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