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Your point of you is important

Hello wonderful people!
I’m Eleonora, but people call me Ellie, a 21 year old student in London. I think this forum is a brilliant way to connect people with the same issues and questions. I think your writing is really inspiring and I hope you can help me. Your take on the experiences you’ve been through is a great example for me.

I'm currently working on a research project. The project is about alternative representations of the world. I strongly believe that sight impairment is barely taken into account. I wish to understand better a world that most people think is not worth focusing on.

If you might be interested in taking part in this collaboration, it would just be about answering a couple of questions. I wish you could give me an insight into your way of seeing and approaching things in your daily life. I’m hoping this project could help people opening up to what is referred to as difference and understand that there is no right or wrong way of being oneself.

Please do let me know if you might be interested and do not hesitate to ask, I’ll be happy to explain myself and my research a bit better!

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Re: Your point of you is important

Hi, I would also be interested to participate.
email = same as my AFB sign-on at

Re: Your point of you is important

Hello Ellie. I agree with your thoughts on sight impairment. You can contact me and we would be happy to answer a few questions to give you more insight. Thank you. Debby

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