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11 month old with rental dystrophy

my 11 month old has been diagnosed with rental dystrophy. SHe can see a little bit but we dont know exactly how much the doctor had told use we wont be able to know until she is older. Her devopment is delayed she is just now siting up a little she is not crawling. I am wandering how other children has developed. i was also wanting to get in touch with other paernts that have children with this

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Re:11 month old with rental dystrophy

From what Ive read therapy is the right track. I have the same disorder as your daughter and her childhood seems very simaler to mine when reading about her physical developments of sitting up late and not crawling. I dont know if I can give you a proffessional opinion however I can give you insight on what to expect. Give me and email if you have questions.

Re:11 month old with rental dystrophy

I would suggest that you take a look at Dr. Kay Alicyn Ferrel's book ... Get a Wiggle On.. you can find this book in any local library, and AFB press. She also has Get a Move On... both these books helped me as I raised my son. Interaction with you and toys that make noise will help motivate your child to move. If you havn't already done so, I'd suggest that you discuss the option of physical and/ or occupational therapy for your child with her pediatrician. Sometimes these professionals will come to your home. The biggest plus... they can help you to help your child. I hope this helps. Best Wishes... Susan Singler

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