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4 1/2 year old blind grandchild

I have a 4 1/2 yr. old grandson that's blind and has developmental disabilities due to a brain tumor (diagnosed at 5 months old) which, at this time, is under control. He is communicating quite well, now, and seems to understand most of what is said. He's now going to a day care/school for children with disabilities (he's the only blind child) and they want him to mainstream into a regular school with an aid this coming school year. I would just like anyone's opinion or suggestions that may benefit him. Also, his whole world is majorly based on audio so needless to say, most of his toys have some sort of noise accompanying them :-) I didn't know if any of you had any other suggestions for playing/learning. I'd appreciate any responses. Thank you.

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Re:4 1/2 year old blind grandchild


I am a parent of three children. My youngest, 2 yr old little girl, was diagnosed in January of being legally blind. 20/200 vision. she was also born with a cleft palate and is hearing impaired, I would so welcme anyone to chat with via email..
I read your post beth, if you like, please email me..
she starting the transistion period from EI to district in the summer. it;s very overwhelming.. always has been. now with the vision, more evaluations, doctor appts, etc.. it gets to you.. uughh..
look forward to chatting with others..
thx.. Milinda

Re:4 1/2 year old blind grandchild

Hello everyone out there! I need some help. I have a 3 yr old beautiful little girl who is legally blind. She has some sight but not much. My problem is dealing with this. It hurts so bad.. She is in pre-school and today as I watched all of the kids come in from outside holding a rope, they looked at all of their parents and waved, as mine could not see me. Yes I cried and am still... She was born premature just over 24 wks gestation and has severe ROP. I just need some sort of support after today I do believe. If anyone thinks they can help I would appreciate it. I am in need of a friend who knows what this is like. Thank you, Beth

Have him attend regular school

Attending a public school makes it required that he gets the adaptation necessary. Also, I suggest he joins the Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic so he can get books on tape. Once he is in first grade, he should start learning braille. You do not want to wait for him to start learning braille beyond that. It is hard to learn braille at a late age. Finally, he should learn to use a white cane. Patrick Olson

blind grandson-school

Hello! Sorry it's been a week for a response. This site seem to be down over the weekend or I just couldn't get in. I would love to chat my email is . Look forward to hearing from you. Jennifer

4 1/2 yr. old grandson

Hi Jennifer. I'd like to talk to you through e-mail if you'd like. If so, please post your e-mail address. Thanks. Diane

blind grandson-school

Hello, I have a blind 5 1/2 yr. old son in preschool. He too is the only one in the pre/elem. school that is blind or with a visual impairment. He will mainstream into a regular K class next year ,but now I know he is ready. I can offer some advice ,give you some questions to ask yourself, and share in experiences that we've had and I hope they are helpful. But remember you as parents or grandparents are the only one that really know your child and what is best for him. Trust your instincts they're usually right.(when I say instincts I don't mean the little voice we hear that says don't let him climb that ladder and go down that slide all by himself. Because we do need to let them learn to be independent individuals.):) First, is he ready for K? Or will one more year of preschool benefit him more sociallly, mentally, physically. Giving my son this last year of preschool I have seen him grow so much socially and become so independent that I know next year won't be so much of a struggle. Next, is your preschool providing him with the services he needs? ex. ORIENTATION/MOBILITY (he will need to learn how to get around independently using a cane) VISUAL SERVICES (learning to read and write braille) OCUPATIONAL/PHYSICAL THERAPY if needed.
If the preschool doesn't offer these services will the school district provide them next year? If so, it may be better to move on over. If not, or if you wish to keep him in another year of preschool then bring up these services at your next I.E.P. they are required to provide any services that the child may need. Getting what your child needs is sometimes a struggle. Just keep on fighting with a smile and remind them that they are the educators and it is their job to provide an education to every child no matter what the disability. Never be afraid to ask questions or give suggestions it is your child. In my experience I've found it's best to work with the teacher share each others ideas then find what works best for him. Stay involved every step of the way. If they run out of ideas or don't have the resources find someone who does that can help them. Even though it is their job a lot of times things don't get done or even started till we step in and give a push. You can always contact your state dept. of education and they will give you the names and numbers of the special educ. resource center in your area. There has always been some debate which is right to mainstream a child into a regular class or to send them to the school for the blind. I don't feel there is any right or wrong answer, just what works out best for the child and his/her parents. We decided to go through the public school system and so far everything is great. It started off a little rough the first 1 to 1 1/2 yrs. in an unwilling (uneducated) district ,but now that we have moved he is getting everything he needs. I hope to share more experiences with you it looks like they're about the same age. If there is anything I can answer for you later don't hesitate to ask. I think this is a great site. Who better to learn from or ask questions to than the people going through the same things as yourself. Good Luck, and we'll be in touch. Jennifer

resources on the AFB web site


The link below will take you to a good starting place on the AFB web site to look at articles related to the education of visually impaired children:

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