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5 year old old non verbal child

My son will be 6 this summer. He is non verbal I think he is autistic I asked his doctor she said he is not that he Is just delayed. Because of his blindness he has onh. I found out he was blind when he was about 6 months old. All he wants to do it hit his head and ears if I block his head he goes for his body. It is constant like that's the only thing on his mind. He can bruise him self up pretty bad he was put on bipolar medicine in December. Depakote. The dr said it was suppose to decrease his aggression. I don't think it's helped at all he used to be happy smiling. He's been more miserable on the med I think and he still hits. I recently told the doctor I want him off the med. he is getting weaned off as we speak. This is last week on it. I want to see how he does off of the bipolar med. he is on a thyroid med and allergy med also. I want to know if anyone is having these same issues. My son screams and hits most the day. I just watched on YouTube a boy who is 23 and is severely autistic he screams and hits still since he was two. It broke my heart I don't want my son miserable his whole life I want to try to fix this now if I cam.

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Re: 5 year old old non verbal child

Has your son ever had an MRI? I think it's important step to see if that can explain his lack of language skills. Vision loss alone at the age of 5 is not a reason for him to not be talking...

Re: 5 year old old non verbal child

I am blind and have not experienced these problems, however I used to volunteer in my public school's special needs room where there was a child similar to your son. I am by no means an expert (I'm still in hs lol) but they sound very similar. Have you considered having him evaluated by a child psychologist? They would be able to do more in depth analysis then a gen doctor. Blindnes alone is not cause for your son's communication and sensory difficulties. I'm sorry I couldn't give you more reliable information then this, but I hope it helps. Good luck!

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