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adapting my daycare

I am a home daycare provider and will soon be caring for a 2 year old that is blind. I am looking for any suggestions on how to adapt my daycare to make this a great environment for her. I am particularly interested in adding braille to our calendar, books, games, and other things to promote literacy.
Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

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Anna, from Germany

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Re:adapting my daycare

It is very reassuring to know that there are daycare providers who are taking the time to learn about children with blindness. My son just turned one and we have been making adaptations for him as well and planning for the future. The idea to add braille to many objects is a good idea. Anyway that she can familiarize herself with the braille is important. Also, talk and sing a lot. Don't let her think she is alone. Explain everything you do and include her, even the little things, it will help dramatically. But most of all, don't set limitations unless the parents require it. Good luck and have fun!
~Dylan's mom

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