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Adopting a blind child?

Hello, my name is Robin. My family and I are looking into the possibility of adopting a little girl from over seas. She was born premature and weighed less than two pounds. On her health report it says she has a detached retina in her left eye and has prbably lost her central vision in her right eye. A vitreo retinal surgery of the right eye was recommended. Can some one tell me what this all means?

Also I was hoping some one could tell me what life is like with a blind child in the family? I don't mean for that to sound bad. I am just trying to find out how our lives will change, the good and the bad. I want to make an informed decision and not just follow my heart. I have four children at home ages fifteen, thirteen, nine and three and a half. How will this affect them? What will change for them and what can they do to make things easier for the little girl?

This little girl is such a cutie! She has a smile that could just knock your socks off! She has came such a long ways already and she has such wonderful potential. I really want to make sure we as her family will be able to help her grow and that we can handle the changes. She needs a momma and daddy and I want to fill the momma spot for her.

So can any one give me any advice or information? Am I crazy for trying to do this and if I am crazy, should I go for her any way? I thank you in advance.

God's Blessings, Robin

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Re:Adopting a blind child?

I am interested in more information as well. My husband and I have thought about adoption but have not pursued it seriously. We have four biological children of our own ages 14, 12, 11, and 8. I am a teacher of the visually impaired. Thanks for any information you can provide.

Re:Adopting a blind child?

My wife and I are interested in knowing more, how do we contact you?

Re:Adopting a blind child?

I work for an adoption agency and I am trying to find loving homes for two beautiful children that are visually impaired. Please let me know if you are interested or know of any groups where I can spread the word. Thank you.

Re:Adopting a blind child?

Student teacher
Wanted free alphabet cards for 24 kids
Said I couldn't

Below are contact information for NAPVI and NFB/NOPBC, which are parent support groups. Their members have been there are the best qualified to answer some of your questions.
National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (NAPVI)
• Membership Organization - Consumer
• National Organization
P.O. Box 317
Watertown, MA 02471

Phone #1: (617) 972-7441 (Local)
Phone #2: (617) 972-7444 (Fax)
Phone #3: (800) 562-6265 (Toll-Free)

National Federation of the Blind (NFB)
• Membership Organization - Consumer
• National Organization
• National Publisher
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore, MD 21230-4998

Phone #1: (410) 659-9314 (Local)
Phone #2: (410) 685-5653 (Fax)

Within the National Federation of the Blind is The National Organization for Parents of Blind Children.
Hadley School for the Blind
• National Organization
• School for the Blind
700 Elm Street
Winnetka, IL 60093

Phone #1: (847) 446-8111 (Local)
Phone #2: (847) 446-9916 (Fax)
Phone #3: (847) 441-8111 (TDD/TTY)
Phone #4: (800) 323-4238 (Toll-Free)

Hadley offers correspondence programs for parents.

You will also want to enroll her in your state's Early Intervention Program. These programs are designed to help families learn how to teach their children those things that they won't be able to learn by observation, and will need to learn in other ways. You can look up available help in your state by using the "Find Services in Your Area" link on the homepage of AFB's website where you will come to a query screen that will enable you to search for Early Intervention resources in your state.

If you would like to send your postal address to You can get a copy of Let's Play: A Guide to Toys for Children with Special Needs to help in choosing toys for her. AFB can send you other materials as well.

Hope this is helpful.

Re:Adopting a blind child?

oh ya and dont get all pissy.. i know it sounded rude but i'm not trying to be :| so ya dont bitch about it. if anyone has an answer just answer pretty plz??

Re:Adopting a blind child?

I wanted to learn about blind people but why do you want a child thats NOT your own and is blind?? i mean if its YOUR child and he/she is blind u should keep him/her. but if you're already adopting a child why get a disablily'd one?? (not trying to be mean or offensive, i wanted to ask some one this like all my life) and i'm 12 by the way.. so i'm not that old

Re:Adopting a blind child?


I am a father to three (3) blind children. Their ages are 21, 20, and 4. All three have congential blindness. They were born with retinal detachment.

If you'd like go online to chat or email, I am at

Re:Adopting a blind child?

hi,we have adopted a child who is blind,he was in an orphanage and came to us at 2 year's old.He has rop and blind in one eye and very low vision in the other,,he is a joy and has thrived in a family situation.He is or 4th child through adoption and we don't know what we did without him,,he is a blessing.What have we would have missed if he was not our son,,,Robin sound's as if she has stole your heart,,i know how that feel's,,advice,,,go for it it is the best gift in the world, Pam

Re:Adopting a blind child?

yes, i agree, that response was not though of.
anybody can be blind, that was really a dump answer.
i feel bad for people who have such small understanding for other people.
well, you can research a lot from the internet on how to care for your baby. i myself researched, for my thesis which is an orphanage for orphaned disabled chidlren. love is all that can sum up eveerything that a child needs, be her blind or not at all. i say all you can give her is "LOVE", and from it follows everything that she needs.
i hope you have a great lifetime with her!

Re:Adopting a blind child?

Oh Bullshit. Who are you to say if the child was Born in the USA they would not go blind? YOU NEED TO RESEARCH R.O.P.D It attack No matter the color. No matter where your born. I should Kow My lil boy has it!
and YES he was Born in the USA and YES he had medical treatment
I am sorry but that was rude!

Re:Adopting a blind child?

I have had some of the troubles that she has with my eyes and can only say this.
If this girl was born in the US she wouldn't be blind.

Re:Adopting a blind child?

Hi Robin, I've been blind since birth . I can tell you from experience that with love and acceptance, together with the right kind of training a blind child can have as rich a life as any other child. For the parent raising that child is rewarding and well worth all the struggles. This is what I've heard other parents say. I think having other kids around will actually help because they will be able to play with her and involve her in what's going on. If there is enough love and trust in your family, your other children need not lose out. Children are very adaptable. There is an email list for parents of blind and visually-impaired children. I highly recommend joining this list. They will be able to answer all your questions.

Re:Adopting a blind child?

I forgot to mention she is three and a half years old now. Sweet baby. They said she climbs and moves almost freely. She can walk on her own but is more secure holding onto some ones hand. I just really want to hug her and tell her every thing is going to be alright. She recognizes people by their voices and smiles often.

Thank you, Robin

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