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Adult son blind from TBI mental health issues and addiction

I have a son who lost his vision due to a TBI that he also now has mental health problems, depression, impulse control, and now has a worsening addiction problem. I had him in for an emergency evaul 3 times he needs residental treatment but they always send him home saying they can not place him. We live in MD, he has private insurance from my employer, medicare, and medicaide. I need help before he is lost forever. I am a single parent, sole support, strugling finacially, with litte to no help. He has had so little training due to his depression, and willingness. There has to be somewhere to get him help.

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Re: Adult son blind from TBI mental health issues and addiction

I'm sorry to hear about your son! How frustrating to not be able to get services for him.
I'm honestly not sure what to say. I assume that they send him back and say they can't place him due to his blindness. But isn't that discrimination? If he qualifies for the residential treatment on the basis of his mental health needs then I'd think they should accept him.
I live in supportive housing for the visually impaired in Chicago, but unfortunately I think his mental health needs mightnot be met here.
People who are visually impaired and also have mental illness are really in a difficult place, as as far as I know there aren't very many services that accomidate both!
In my fantasy world, there would be agencies in all or most states that were fully able to accomidate these needs, including residential care/ long-term housing. I believe the only place that has anything close to this is in New york, I read online that there's a psychiatric clinic that specializes in the blind, with a day program ETC.
I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. If you just want to talk feel free to e-mail me.

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