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Becoming parents

Hi All,

My husband and I have been having discussions about having children. I have low vision but he is progressively losing vision and has a lot of concerns about the child getting hurt because he could not see them.

My sister was born when I was 15 and I was an active participant in her growing up. I changed diapers, bathed, fed, and took outside to play. I feel very comfortable being a parent Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can put his concerns at bay. I feel that they are legitimate of course.

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Re:Becoming parents

Hi, let hubby know it is absolutly possible. I am now totally blind, but when I had my daughter I was blind inone eye and very near sighted in the other. There are so many tricks on helping them , and knowing wher they are. I always stayed at least feet in front or behind her to make sure she was ok. Bells on shoes or ankle is also really good. harneses are very good and walkers are even better . I was able to raise an infont up to toddler with out much help from others and it can be done. I also find that they are like puppies and soon learn that you can't see them . They will stay near and even when comming to feeding my daughter would actually bring her self to the spoon. It is so very possible not easy but very possible. I can proudly say my daughter is four years old and no har yet. And now I am total. Also kids so reziliant.

Re:Becoming parents

oops :) Accidentally posted..

Anyway, there are things you can do. My daughter is used to having a little anklet with a bell so I can easily hear where she is in the room (and how active) There are also squeaky shoes for toddlers as well as harness and leashes.

I'll be writing about being baby proofing soon since my little one is starting to get into everything. If you're interested you can check out my blog.

Take care, and don't worry.. Tell you're hubby it's totally possible, especially with you two to help each other.


Re:Becoming parents

I'm a single mom to a 7 month old baby girl who decided to be mobile as soon as possible. I'm totally blind in my left eye and extremely nearsighted in my right. What I've just had to accept is whether I could see or not is kids are curious critters who are bound to get bumps and bruises while they explore how the world works and their boundaries.

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