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Blind couple wishing to adopt

My best friends are both totally blind and having difficulties having their own biological children. They have discussed adoption but are unsure of what they will have to go through to adopt or even if they will be able to. Dpes anyone know of a blind couple willing to share their adoption esperiences?

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Re:Blind couple wishing to adopt

Would the adopted child have a stable home?

Hi 17 year old girl


I am sorry about what happened to you. If you haven't already found a home for your child my husband and I are looking to adopt. I would love to get a chance to know you. My email address is


Re:Blind couple wishing to adopt

Hello. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 4 years but have been unsuccessful. I am blind but my husband is not. We want to adopt a baby but are afriad of being descriminated against bcause of my vision. We can provide a stable loving home for a baby. It is the one thing we want most in this world. If anyone has any information on what we should next it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has a baby they would like to put up for adoption please consider us to be parents to your baby. We realize that giving a child up is a verry hard and also brave decision. The only thing we can say is thank you and we would provide your child with all the love and stability a baby could ask for. We look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks for taking the time for reading this.

Re:Blind couple wishing to adopt

Have you already found the baby for I have a baby girl for adoption.I am 17years old,was raped when I was 16.Please take my baby as your baby.My parents died in motto accident.I don't have where I stay.Please help my baby.

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