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blind Mother of Two almost preteen boys in Bama.

I just wanted to hear from other blind parents in the alabama area or any where for that matter how they deal with boys or children going through puberty. My sons are only 7 and 8, soon to be 8 and 9, but the 8 year old is starting to go through it all a bit early. He has no prob talking to me about it, but I am a single parent and a chick for that matter, how do I have the "talk" with my 9 year old son? Will he listen to me being that I'm a girl and not a boy? Just needing some atvice. thanks

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Re: blind Mother of Two almost preteen boys in Bama.

I wanted to let you know that I jest started a Facebook group called low vision/blind parents and this is the type of stuff we would like to talk. I don't have much to say on the subject my son is only 3 but I would like to know how to handle ot when the time comes

Re: blind Mother of Two almost preteen boys in Bama.

I'm not sure how much I will be seeing as I am only a teenage girl from Ohio. My parents never sat me down and gave me an actual talk, but they did calmly answer any questions that I had at any time. You said that you were a single mom, do your boys have some sort of male figure in their life like an uncle, grandparent, close family friend or something like that? If they did, you could ask this person to let your boys know that any time they need any advise from girl trouble to anything else, that they could talk to them. I hope that this helped even a little bit.

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