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Blind mum of three little girls could do with some advice

I am a totally blind mum of three sighted girls, 9, 8 and 6. I live in Australia and I know no other blind parents. The girls have all reached the same stage: they have suddenly realised just what it means to have a blind mummy and are making the most of it. They are all wonderful little girls and I know that what they are doing is human nature, but I sure could do with some advice from other parents going through the same thing or those of you who have been there and done it. I am also happy to lend my advice to anyone else who would like it.

Hope that someone can help,

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Re:Blind mum of three little girls could do with some advice

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Re:Blind mum of three little girls could do with some advice

Dear friend. I am a totally blind mom with four kids. One of them eight years old and already doing the things you describe. The thing is, you really have to have ears in the back of your head. Get used to the sound of everything in your house and commit them to memory. I mean to the point where you can tell wich cup or toy they dropped just by hearing it fall. The other thing to remember is that you are in control. Set the rules and don't change them for anything. Establish a routine from day one and again, don't change it. Let them know from the beginning that there are consipuenses for defying your athority. Be a friend, be the best mom you can be. But don't stop being the boss. And let them know that them doing stuff like that is dirrectly taking advantige of your disability, wich is cruel. Ask them if that's how they want to be. Try to talk to them about situations where their feelings would be hurt if they were to be taken advantige of. I'm not saying that this will make all your problems go away. But the last thing any kid wants to do is make their Mom and dad upset. They must thing it's just a game. Let them know that it isn't. And after awhile, you'll find that they don't stop completely, cuz kids are devient that way, but they'll certainly think twice about it. Please post on here if you or anyone has any more questions. or if you just want to talk.

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Re:Blind mum of three little girls could do with some advice

My wife is totally blind and raised 4 children, now grown and out on their own. The main thing right from day one was not to let them get away with anything. Plus, I never "hid" from her by standing still and was not a poor role model for them. When she worked at a daycare centre, one 4 year old hid under the desk, so she looked for him and didn't stop until she found him. If they realize that they cannot get away with it, they won't try again. The other thing was when she called their name, they had to answer and they always did.


Re:Blind mum of three little girls could do with some advice

I am not totally blind but vary near there. I have a twenty-month old who is all ready going through his terible twos and is in to everything. I am a first time mom myself and can not give you much advice but actually could use some myself. How did you brush your toddler's teeth when you can not see what you are doing and the child will not be still. I am always afraid I will gag my baby. Right now he is a big help to me and will bring me his sippy cup or when the phone rings and I can not find the phone he will bring it to me. All I can say is to allways be there no matter what and one day your girls will be a big help to you.

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