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Blind parent of sighted pre-teen

I am a totally blind mother of an 11 year old sighted daughter. She is a good kid. But she is a normal kid that thinks that she can get by with anything that she wants to. Yes, I am sure that she gets away with more then I know. But I do catch a lot of it. matter of fact I have really surprised her with some of the things that I have caught her trying to pull over on me. She swears that I can see. But I know that the teenage years are creeping up and it won't be long. I am trying to get ahead of the game. Is there any blind parents of sighted teens that could offer any tips or suggestions? Please let me know how to help myself to prepare for those coming years. Thank you...

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Re:Blind parent of sighted pre-teen

I know what you mean. I have an 8 year old. Where I'm having dificulty now is that he can't seem to understand why I can't just leep up and take him to the park. I have three other kids, very young and my husband is at work most of the time. My 8 year old also tells me how he wishes I could play video games with him. I think I've made that better simply by sitting and talking with him when he's playing. But the whole thing still makes me sad sometimes. You want to do it all for your kids you know?

Benefit of Yoga and Prayanam in Eye Disorders

Dear friend,I am from India and I am blind by right eye due to cataract then before retina detactment and left eye having spactacle for near and distant.I consulted with so many doctor but no one give perfect treatment or said my problem is critical and there is no perfect medicine for this but once I heard about Yoga and Prayanam and started the both then after six month my spactacle removed and my blind eye becoming healthy but slowly.So you can easily find Yoga and Prayanam Classes in your location if you life.
S Bargate

Re:Blind parent of sighted pre-teen

Hi. I am a totally blind mum of 3 little girls, although my eldest is only 9 I too am finding that they are learning exactly what they can get away with. I don't know about you but I find keeping one step ahead of them exhausting and nowadays rather frustrating. I am also concerned about the upcoming teenage years: My girls are great kids but I am getting more aware that the easier years are almost over and the harder times are ahead. I try to focus on what my girls know is right, how what they do makes me and other people whom they love feel. Ultimately I know that my girls do and will get away with more than other kids which, on days where I am feeling low does bother me a lot. I worry more for them. I am sure that as long as we show our kids the human side of our vision loss and always express to them just how important they are to us that we can help our kids make the right choices. Please let me know how you are going as I would love to talk.....Cathryn

Re:Blind parent of sighted pre-teen

I am legally blind and completely blind in one eye. I have 4 kids ages 15, 10, 6 and 5. So I can understand but imagine having 4 kids trying to get by LOL. I even heard my two older kids talking among themselves stating that I can see so they can do whatever they thought they were going to do.

What they do not realize is our other sense are better, I can actually "feel" vision and I can hear really good. Their homework is check by my husband because I can not see words in pencils against paper but If I have to I will scan their work and check it on my computer.

Overall, I do agree, they will try anything but that is kids for you.

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