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blind parents/caregivers activities for school age children

Hi. I am a professional who works with young sighted children. I also hope to be a parent someday. I was wondered how blind parents deal with planning activities for sighted children? Especially indoor art activities and or other activities that will keep the school- age child's attention. Other then doing things such as watching television, puzzles etc. What are some one on one activities a blind individual can do with a sighted child? Thank you.

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Re:blind parents/caregivers activities for school age children

There are many games that sighted and blind children can play. Almost any game can be adapted.
Coloring, of course, (if the child is totally blind) might be boring and inaccessible unless you have a braille coloring book.
You can make musical instruments, do paper folding/cutting projects, do sewing kits, play with playdough, string beads, do artwork with beads/buttons/shells/etc, cut out lots of different shapes and textures for projects, do cyramics... ... the possibilities are endless.
If you want, you can email me
and I can help you adapt specific activities for the blind child.
It really is not too hard at all.

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