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blind parents of blind children

Is anyone here a blind parent with a blind child? I'd like to know what that's like. Do you think it's easier for a blind parent to look after a blind child? Or does both of you having the same disability make things harder?

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Re: blind parents of blind children

It can be tough being blind and having visually impaired children but its extremely rewarding. My children daughter 10 and son 6 have inherited my eye condition and they are independent opinionated careful and considerate children i am extremely proud of them. How they think outside the box to solve problems is a real skill that others can take much longer to develop. Im proud of me too because i have fought for them and nurtured these characteristics and their mobility skills are great because i have shown them strategies to put into a full tool box so they are equiped with solutions to help fulfil their potential in different situations. They are still young so still learning but im so excited to see their journey through with them.

Re: blind parents of blind children

There is a lot of difficulty in parenting a child with vision impairment because the parent must put their self in the place of the child. They must imagine the darkness and how they will manage.

I think a parent who is sight impaired comes to the child with knowledge and awareness that the parent who can see does not have. But at the end of the day there are challenges for all.

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