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Blind parents vs. child protective services

Hello my name is Melody, a former blind parent who had a run in with my local child protective services department and lost my daughter. I'm also a totally blind college student who attends Guilford Tech Community College in Jamestown NC. I'm taking an English writing class this semester and my final paper has to do with Blind parents vs. Child protective services. I'm writing you in hopes that maybe you can help me find some statistics of how many cases there have been in the last five years or other articles about blind parents in your state or other places around the US that have had run ins with CPS and if they kept their children or lost them? If you could help me I'd really appreciate it. Please e-mail me any articles or information you can find for me as soon as possible. Thanks for your help.
Melody (

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Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services

Hello Sydney my name is Jason. I would like to talk with you about something that may help you. Please contact me at: cowboyjason05@msn.comI'm a blind parent also. I've used this service and love it. Let me tell you more. Let's give you another option that may help you get some peace of mind. Thanks Jason

Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services

I live in FL and on 7/12 and am staying in a hotel while looking for a closer home to my husband's work when the police were called here, and since I have a 5 year old boy CS was called. I am totally blind and have nerve damage due to a fall at work 10 years ago, so I am not able to clean well, therefore the place was a mess...When the investigator arived, she asked me how I went to the potty for a drug test (which turned up neg)...Because of the nerve damage I have to take perscription meds, so they took my son that night. I have been complying to their demands: the first of which was a drug and alc/ psych eval. They had to send it home with me to have my husband fill it out since they couldn't find any way to have it in braille...I was called today 9/30 and told that it smelled like smoke and had to be thrown out. My evaluator tells me that I have to come in so he can read it to me and it will take 6 hours (when we filled it out in less than an hour) I have no transportation and my husband works, so it will take much longer to start my requisites in order to get custody back. I have no idea how long I will be without my son (who started school, and I wasn't there to see his first day) It seems that CS is dragging this out...Don't get me wrong, I am willing to take any classes I have to, I just can't do it until the recomendations from the evaluator. I just don't know what to do.

Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services

A newly formed organization is seeking attorneys who know and understand the child protection system to represent parents and extended families at the investigation stages from Child Protective Services. Duties would include researching accusations, writing letters and making phone calls. This stage would not include court room activity. An ongoing retainer would be provided. To reduce costs, attorneys may use paralegals for the research with attorney over-site if the paralegals can maintain objectivity and support families.

Attorneys considered would need to have a solid record of defending clients in this venue and well rounded understanding and application of family civil law. A belief in family preservation and reunification is a critical and driven value by this company. The ability to do critical analysis in subjective, emotionally charged environments is necessary. Referrals would come in from a family preservation union.

Attorneys chosen will provide parents and extended families their rights under state law then determine if there is imminent danger, no danger or if in-home services can alleviate problems. An amicus brief may assist in judicial decision making should an ex parte hearing get executed by the department.

The purpose is to reduce unnecessary child removals that currently represents 60% of the removals. Also, extended families are being discriminated against regularly and the state statistics on family placement is false. Extended families in many cases should have a solid understanding of the system if the adult child is out of control to best represent themselves before the state. Unbundled services may be required in financially strapped families. Opportunities for lawsuits abound.

This is a pioneering effort to change the state's driven determination to place with strangers and adopt children out to them. Respond to with a letter of interest. A forum for attorneys regarding this event is scheduled for June 26th location to be announced.

Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services

I am from New Zealand and I find this horrible. I have registered with social services and gone down all the other correct avenues and the only problems I have come across are people who think I am dimwitted as well as blind. I sincerely hope your children remain with you and that you succeed in your battle with child services.
Melody, it is not particularly hard to find the material you are looking for but I agree that your research should not be the focuss of your thoughts.

Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services


Have you considered calling up NFB to help you? They recently started a network of volunteer lawyers for the blind. These lawyers handle cases just such as yours. I recommend calling 410-659-9314 and asking to speak with Marc Maurer or Joanne Wilson.


Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services

I now what your going through. I am having some of the same issue. I'm A blind single father of two children. My 11 year old son has been getting in a lot of trouble and I had to do a CHINS pertishsion. Which got the CPS are involve and that now has stired up all kinds of diffulculties. Cause of CPS involvement I fear that the same may happen to me. I am fight it to fullest but I am finding it to be expensive for continue to futher pay for my lawyer. I can find absolutly no free legal assistance for this kind of matter in Washington State. My children are not neglecte nor abuse. Well fed, all doctor appointmentes are kept, had them in counseling and also involve in theirs school. But to CPS that doesn't matter. Theirs oppiniuns is that if being a blind parent that it not the best interest fo the developmental outcomes. And if any one know if ther any legal right and serveces that help me, than I'll be very happy.

Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services

I understand that you are trying to get more information for your research, but I would think it is more important that you should be trying to fight and get your child back. Me bing a mom I would be fighting tooth and nail.

Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services

Hello, My name is Melody, the original poster of this message. I am now a senior at UNCG and am trying to find more recent articles about this same subject for a SOC class. If anyone can help let me know. Thanks.

Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services

I am a lawyer in Georgia. I am legally blind and my primary practice deals with fighting child protective services. Do you have your chidl back?

Re:Blind parents vs. child protective services

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!Taking away your child becaue you are blind? Who the hell do these people think they are???? I would contact President Maurer of the NFB.

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