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Can my infant be blind??

My son will be 2months on the 9th of August, I've noticed he does not notice object near his face, nor does he focus on my face, he stares up a lot mostly looking at the ceiling, and when I talk to him face to face, close up and far out, his eyes just wonder like he's trying to focus where my voice is at. I am very worried and concerned he might be blind.

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Re: Can my infant be blind??

good innformaton

Re: Can my infant be blind??

The best thing for you to do is to find a pediatric Opthalmologist in your area. They can do some tests on infants that will answer your question. It could be that there are some medical things that can be done. Hopefully, they will tell you all is well but it would be important to find out for sure. Your babies doctor can refer you or you might be able to locate one on your own.

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